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The Top Ten Best Fall Vacation Spots for the Whole Family

Traveling with your children can be one of the best gifts you give them. Many adults look back fondly on childhood memories and vacations spent with siblings and parents. However, some vacation spots simply aren’t family friendly. These are the top 10 fall vacation spots that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Walt Disney World
Summertime at Disney World is hot and packed full of visitors. While Disney World is always pretty busy, the “off-season”, like fall, is one of the best times to go. Cool air and fewer visitors make lines shorter and waiting for the next ride more tolerable. Your children will love meeting their favorite Disney characters and have memories to last a lifetime.

2. Niagra Falls
This is a hot bucket list item, and your kids will be able to get pictures of Niagra Falls and awe at its massive structure. Not only are the temperatures cool and comfortable, it’s the best time to get a hotel as fall seasons boast low nightly rates. October is a great time to take your kids out for a fall drive to see the leaves changing as well.

3. Las Vegas
Most people hear Las Vegas and instantly think “adult vacation”, but there is so much to see and do for children in this area. Fall is the best time to go, as temperatures have started cooling off slightly and, while it’s still likely to be packed, you won’t see the influx of people that summertime gets. While you’re here, check out the Wildlife Habitat or the Shark Reef Aquarium.

4. London, England
Give your kids an opportunity to see where a real Queen lives and take them to London and go see Buckingham Palace. You can get tickets for a tour to get up close and personal and see the way that real life royalty lives. Some of the best places to stay in London are in Green Park, Leicester Square, and Knightsbridge.

5. Ireland
Boasting up to 225 rainy days each year, many people avoid going to Ireland. However, this beautiful, heritage-rich town is a great place to take the kids to teach them about history, see beautiful architecture, and get a glimpse of a very traditional culture. It’s also very budget-friendly to travel to Ireland during the fall or even winter months.

6. Germany
Full of tradition, activities, and beautiful scenery, Germany is a great family-friendly area to take your kids. There are tons of museums, which also offer discounts for children’s admission, as well as castles, medieval towns, and forests that can ignite wonder and awe in your children’s minds.

7. South Africa
Cape Town and surrounding areas are full of interesting activities and educational opportunities for children. Plus, a real-life safari is something that they will cherish for years and tell all of their friends about. South Africa in the fall is much cooler, offering temperatures of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Hawaii
Beaches, swimming with dolphins, watching a Hawaiian Hula Dance, and seeing real volcanoes are just a few of the fun-packed activities you can take your kids to see in Hawaii. While the island generally has two acknowledged seasons, summer and winter, fall is a great time to visit. Winter months are usually drier, although the temperature doesn’t change too much.

9. Italy
Breathtaking fall scenery found in Tuscany and Rome is just one reason that a fall trip to Italy is a must. The Pistoia Zoo, Boboli Gardens, and Museo Stibbert are a few educational and fun opportunities. For a true adventure, visit the Giardino Scotto in Pisa for a look into a medieval fortress.

10. Belgium
Your kids will love getting hyped up on true Belgium chocolate, but there are tons of family activities to do here. Visit the Grand Palace, Central Station, or Burg Square, for a taste of history. Antwerp has aquariums, shopping, and other activities for a variety of ages and interests.

Making family memories is important for families and kids alike. By taking them on some of these fall destinations, you’ll be able to spend time with your kids and give them memories that they will fondly look back on. If you are traveling this fall, make sure you hit one or two of these areas and enjoy the time with your kids!

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