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Their Golden Years: 5 Reasons to Move Mom and Dad into a Wellness Community

As your parents get older, they may lose the ability to live independently. While you may be willing to take care of them, your parents may need professional care and supervision. Let’s look at some good reasons to put your parents into a wellness community to live out their senior years.

They Will Enjoy an Active Social Life

As a person ages, it becomes more important to have a reason to get up in the morning or otherwise engage with the world. In a retirement home, your parents will be able to interact with other people their age in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Never Worry about Your Parents Driving Again

In a retirement community, your mother and father will be driven to appointments, social events and anywhere else they need to go. This means not having to worry about your elderly father driving at night or your mother driving even though her hands tremble on the steering wheel.

Their Medical Needs Are Taken Care Of

A medical professional will be available to dispense medication or monitor your parent’s progress after an illness or medical procedure. If your mother or father were to fall on a slippery floor or trip over a rug, someone will be available to get to them in a timely manner and render aid. Depending on where your parents choose to live, government or private insurance programs may help pay for the cost of care.

They Don’t Have to Maintain Anything

Putting your parents in an aged care facility means that they won’t have to shovel snow or mow grass. There will also be no need for them to fix a broken pipe or take care of a pest problem. When those issues arise, they can simply call a maintenance person to do the job for them.

You Can Still Come Visit Them

Just because your parents are in a home or community setting doesn’t mean that you can never see them again. Most communities allow you to stop by whenever you want or even take your parents out for the day or for the weekend. This means not having to give up movie night or a holiday family dinner.

By moving your parents into a retirement community, you ensure that they get the constant care and supervision that they need. This can help to increase the quality of life that they experience in their golden years.

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