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Things You Really Must Consider When A Relationship Turns Sour

Sadly it seems that an increasing number of relationships just aren’t able to last the test of time. There are often a multitude of different reasons as to why this might happen, with infidelity and money issues being two of the more common ones. Anyone who has been through this situation is likely to testify that it is a pretty stressful time.

This blog post will aim to take a closer look at some of the things that shouldn’t be forgotten about during this difficult time.

Custody Decisions

The couples that have children will face one of the biggest and hardest decisions of their lives. They will need to decide on exactly who will get custody. For everyone concerned this is likely to be a very traumatic experience. The child will often feel that their entire world has been torn apart and sometimes they might even blame themselves for what has happened.

Depending on how amicably the relationship ended could well be an indicator of things to come. In the event that things didn’t end well there is likely to be a protracted process involving solicitors and this can lead to you incurring significant costs.

Even for those who don’t have children there are other issues to consider. One such issue that again nearly always ends in disagreements is what to do with the family dog or other pet. It should perhaps be noted that couples in this situation will very often treat their pets in a similar way to that of children.

Financial Matters

Another important area that needs to be considered revolves around financial related matters. Quite possibly the most complex area here will be when a property is mortgaged. A decision will need to be made as to the best way to approach the property. Don’t forget, emotions are likely to be running high, as after all this will represent what was the family home.

Even when one person feels strongly about staying on in the family home things can still be tricky as affordability is the biggest concern here. If that person happens to be the one who has custody, then there might well need to be additional payments made to help cover these living expenses.

Any joint bank accounts or loans will need to be unravelled. This element can also lead to further frustrations or disputes as one party might feel they are getting less than a good deal.

One final financial area which is very easy to forget about comes in the shape of pensions and other investments. When a significant financial change happens it is very important to look to the future and double check your financial planning is still relevant. Pension reviews and saving reviews are great ways of understanding the effects of a change in status. Taking time to look at this information will allow you to adjust (if necessary) the levels of monthly contributions.

Friends and Family

Moving away from monetary issues, one final element that will need to be dealt with involves that of friends and family.

Even the strongest of relationships with friends and family find themselves being put under enormous amounts of pressure at this testing time. It’s probably only natural to recognise that a lot of people will take sides. Most of the time, but not always this will be based upon who the original friend was.

If there was a larger circle of friends then this is likely to break down. Very often people won’t want to put themselves in the way of conflict and will hide away. As a result of this there will be reduced opportunities to gain valuable support from friends.

Kay Brown is a writer who understands that your future can look bleak when a relationship turns sour. However, by completing regular pension reviews and by sorting out your finances, you can at least plan for your future to ensure that you will be financially secure.

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