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Think of the Children: How to Get Help When Your Child is Seriously Injured

No one likes to think of a child suffering from the actions or negligence of another person. Parents rush their kids for prompt medical assistance when do injuries occur. However, quality treatment can be costly, and bills can hit hard if you were not expecting them or if your insurance does not cover these expenses. Here are four important things to do immediately when a child is hurt from someone else’s mistakes.

Contact Your Doctor

Assuming you have a family doctor or pediatrician for your child, inform that office of the injuries and ask for advice. Maybe the problem can be treated at home, or maybe the doctor should conduct an exam. In extreme cases, an emergency room visit may be necessary, and you may be advised to call 911 if your child is unconscious, struggling to breathe, bleeding heavily, or has symptoms of other serious harm. Your doctor can also refer you to any specialists that may be need for your child’s medical care.

Inform the Authorities

If your child was injured due to an illicit action on someone’s part, make a police report. The law enforcement investigation can determine if the other person is at fault and provide detailed record of the accident. Inform the school or daycare center your child attends to let them know what happened and why your son or daughter will not be attending for a while. Not only will this help to keep your child in good standing with absenteeism records, but it will also support your claim about the child’s injury.

Communicate with Your Insurance Company

Let your insurance agent know about the accident and your next steps. They may be able to advise you in collecting information about the injuries to determine what can be covered by your policy. Medical providers may be able to postpone billing for their services until a settlement is reached.

Seek Personal Injury Attorney Services

Personal injury attorney services can advise you of your legal rights in terms of filing a claim for damages against a negligent person who caused the accident that hurt your child. The attorney will ask about the situation and possibly request documentation in support of a claim for compensation. You may be asked to provide certain types of information or sign a release so the attorney can obtain the records for you. You will be told what to expect during a legal investigation of the facts as well as what damages, if any, you might expect.

Conferring with these important sources won’t help your child heal any faster, but they can assist with preparing a claim to file for medical expense reimbursement. Provide detailed information and keep up with legal requirements to ensure the best financial outcome for your child’s injuries.

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