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Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance? Six Reasons That Might Change Your Mind

Whether or not to purchase life insurance may be an uncomfortable subject for many couples and families, but it is an important conversation to have. Below, we will discuss six of the most important reasons to make it a priority in your life.


First is marriage. If you have committed yourself to a life partner until death do you part, you acknowledge that death is a certainty and that one of you will most likely be left behind, even if it is much further down the road from now. This is already a very anxious and exhausting time, and having life insurance is one way to ease the financial burden of funeral costs and debts.


One of the most popular and cost effective types of life insurance is term insurance, which is great when you have a 30 year mortgage and passing away suddenly would leave your loved ones in dire. You can get a 30 year term policy in the exact amount of your mortgage that will decrease in value as your mortgage balance decreases. This is smart planning.


All parents want to secure their children’s futures. By purchasing the right amount of life insurance, you can protect their home, their financial security and their educational prospects should you or your spouse pass suddenly.


Other dependent family members, such as parents who can no longer care for themselves, or need constant nursing care may suffer if you were to pass away. Having enough coverage to take care of them should something happen to you could give you and the rest of your family peace of mind.


If you’ve started a business or have become a key employee within an organization for whatever reason, the company could suffer catastrophically upon your passing. You have become what is known as an insurable interest and it would be wise to insure your life in order to mitigate financial disaster to the company.

Work Coverage

Finally, there used to be a time when many companies offered life insurance as a benefit to their employees, but that practice is becoming less common, and if they do offer it, the amount is usually only enough to cover funeral expenses.

There are lots of reasons to consider life insurance a necessity, especially once you have a mortgage and children. You can discuss all of these issues with your local insurance agent.

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