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Thinking About Homeschooling? 5 Things to Consider

Are you contemplating homeschooling your children? This article will help you sort through topics that you need to consider before taking on this crucial lifestyle choice.

1. Legalities of Homeschooling in Colorado

Colorado has regulations that you must follow such as hours of instruction and specific course requirements. You must submit documents every year about your child’s program, attendance, and academic progress. All students must participate in state testing.

2. Cost of homeschooling

Homeschooling is costly. Unless you have a strong background in curriculum development, choosing a distance education program will be a major investment. Regardless of which program you choose, textbooks and reference materials for each class will add to the cost of a quality education.

3. Social Development

According to this article on k12 education, “Primary and secondary education are big parts of children’s lives. From about age 5 through age 18, students spend most of their weekdays sitting in front of teachers and educators, learning concepts and principles that will—hopefully—help them be successful adults.” A homeschool setting with no opportunities for social growth beyond the family setting will not foster a well-rounded social skill set. Homeschooling should include opportunities for students to join community athletic teams, 4H, scouting or other organizations where children can develop social skills. Fostering social benefits of k12 education is as important as academic achievement.

4. Time and Dedication

Education is a critical component for raising children to be financially independent, and socially responsible adults. Education is a full-time job, not just for the child, but also for the teacher. You must be physically present. Do you have the time and a compatible relationship to thrive together in a daily learning environment? Working together in an educational relationship takes a special kind of commitment.

5. Academic Success

Sometimes students need specialized instruction. You need to be able to identify learning challenges and find the resources to solve them. There may be a disability that requires the assistance of a special education teacher. Advanced classes are challenging. You may need to find support with instruction, especially with advanced placement high school courses. How you address these challenges will directly impact educational success.

Homeschooling is one option of a successful education program for children. While it is a perfect solution for some families, it requires a lifestyle commitment for all family members. Take lots of time to consider whether homeschooling or public schooling is the better fit for your family.

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