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Thrivent Choice Dollars Can Fund IFCS Enrichment Programs

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial? Are you eligible to participate in the Thrivent Choice Dollars program? Your Designated Thrivent Choice Dollars® Directions can help fund IFCS Enrichment Programs.

Choice Dollars® grant funds can make a world of difference to our organization as we work together to support our many year-round enrichment programs. Individually, by making a recommendation through Choice Dollars directions, you can make a difference. Together, we can reach our goal. For more information or to direct your designated Choice Dollars, simply go to or call 800-THRIVENT and state “Thrivent Choice.”

Remember, this is a member benefit and helps Thrivent direct foundation funds to charities make a difference in your life. Need assistance, contact Todd McPherson, IFCS Development Director at (303)789-0501

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