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Tips For A Budget Friendly Wedding

Do you want to have a special wedding but not at the cost of burning a hole in your pocket? Isn’t that what everyone hopes for but find it difficult to succeed. Let me help you reduce a bit of your burden. Here are a few tips to have a budget-friendly wedding. Something that is within your capacity and not bring you to the road just for one day of lavish celebration. You can have a memorable wedding within your financial capability if you know how to plan and execute properly.

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You remember the vacation trips you take during off season just because the prices are slashed? The same applies for marriage too. If you have noticed May till October you will find many people tying the knot. Eventually, this lead to the most expensive and business time for the caterers, reception halls and so on. If you choose your wedding date during the slower months from November to March, you can easily reduce your wedding cost and be in the position to negotiate even for the best possible deals.

Keep your priorities straight

If you are walking the tight rope, you need to ensure that your budget is limited and well planned. You can’t be lenient with your finance. Spend money only where it is essential and will come handy in long term. The places where you can make do with cutting some slack for yourself and not going overboard will help you save considerable amount of money. For instance, you don’t need the expensive flowers, candles or light. You can make do with the cheaper but still classy items to brighten up your surroundings at a much lower cost. Meanwhile, photographs and videos are something that you will treasure forever. It makes sense to spend for the quality work here. All you need to do is keep yourself focused and ask what is important to you on your big day. Get rid of expensive options and temptations.

Choosing your Wedding Venue

The average wedding venue holds almost half of your wedding budget. The venue you choose also becomes a deciding factor for various other wedding related decision. Everything circles around it. Right from their in-house planner, arrangements, caterers and bartenders for additional fee. The perfect venue will have your backup covered and not leave you in a lurch in any situation. Eventually, you will also end up saving your money on the other related backups you might have to cover in any other scenario.

Turn towards friends and family

Your loved ones are always more than happy to help you in every possible way. There is nothing wrong in asking your loved ones favor. They will have some contacts to get you some generous discounts on various arrangements. You can also save considerable amount by assigning duties before, during and after the wedding to the friends and family who are ready to volunteer and help you out in the situation.

Samantha Sheen, the author, is a successful wedding planner. She enjoys blogging on wedding and fashion related topics in her spare time. She says for any kind of wedding gift advice visit –

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