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Tips for Coaching Your Teen Through Their First Driving Test

Learning to drive is one of the coming-of-age things most teenagers look forward to in life. It often means they have independence from their parents and are able to get a job and spend time with their friends in a setting that is not their home. Driving does come with a great deal of responsibility. As a parent, you can offer a few coaching tips to help the teen get through the first driving test smoothly. 

Offer Encouragement

Even if you feel like being the strict parent who wants your teen to obey every traffic law and wants to ensure that every single detail is done in the proper manner, your teen won’t be receptive if you don’t offer encouragement. Let them know they can drive the car and that they will do fine on the driving test. You need to be there as a support system so your teen can ask questions instead of the teen being afraid of everything on the road. 

Accidents Could Happen

Although you don’t want to think about your child being in a car accident, there is a possibility that one might occur. If the accident is not the fault of your teen, according to car accident FAQs, you can seek the help of a personal injury attorney to try to get compensation for the incident. Your teen needs to know how to handle a car accident of any kind if one occurs, such as contacting the insurance company and the police department and taking pictures of the accident scene. 

Looking Ahead

While you’re in the passenger seat of the car your teen is driving, let them know that it’s important to look ahead at all times. They need to learn how to observe all sides of the car using the mirrors while maintaining eye contact with the entire road while driving. After some time, they should be able to offer a simple glance at all areas instead of needing to spend a longer time looking at his surroundings. 

Speed and Traffic

One of the things a driving test will likely ask of your teen is the legal speed. You need to teach your child that there are different speed limits depending on the area of the town where you live, such as a higher speed limit for the interstate or back roads compared to one that is lower in the middle of town. They should abide by these rules while in traffic and while alone to prevent accidents from taking place and to prevent getting a speeding ticket. 

One of the things that you will need to do as a parent is to support your teen while driving and taking the driving test. It won’t be easy because you know how you drive, but you need to remain calm so they don’t get nervous. Go over all the safety regulations and how to operate the vehicle before getting in the co-pilot’s seat of the car with your child.

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