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Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Gun Safety

Children are growing up learning that guns are bad, that guns kill people, and that guns are dangerous. Teaching your children about guns and gun safety can help them feel less threatened by popular media’s portrayal of guns. Help them feel confident and safe when it comes to handling a gun and the proper procedure for when faced with a gun.
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Talk to Your Kids

The first step to teaching your kids about gun safety is to talk to them. See what they already know about guns. This will give you a feel for what they still need to learn, and you will also find out if they have any misconceptions about guns in general. Answer any questions they have and make sure they know what gun safety entails.

Make Sure they Understand the Difference Between Life and Play

Children often play with nerf guns, water guns, and other toys styled after weapons. Giving kids toy guns is not a bad thing, in fact, a BB gun can be one of the best ways to teach your kids about gun safety. While BB guns are not toys, they are also not deadly, and work very much like regular guns, and can be used to teach your kids how to operate and remain safe around a gun without starting them off on the real thing.

It is important to make sure your children know the difference between play toys and real guns. Make sure they know that if they ever see a gun, especially one they have never seen before, that it is not something to play with. Avoid making guns out to sound scary or off-limits, as this might spark a particular interest in a more rebellious child. Instead, teach them that there are toy guns and non-toy guns. Non-toy guns should not be played with. When your children are older, teaching them how to use a gun in the right setting, such as at a shooting range, can help teach them how to be safe around guns. A basic gun owner’s class is often offered in shooting ranges and hunters’ guilds for kids that will also teach them how to be safe around guns.

Set A Good Example

If you own guns, don’t goof around or play with them. Take good care of your guns and don’t leave them lying around. Get a company like SafeWorld a Division of Dial Locksmith to get your safe all set up for locking away any weapons you have in the home. Guns are a big deal, and should be treated as something to keep safe and put away. If you treat guns seriously in your home, your children will follow your example. Guns are not toys, and if you treat them like toys, your children will want to play with them. Keeping your gun locked up at all times in a case or fire proof safe will help ensure that your children cannot get to them and that they are not seen as toys.

Gun safety is important for everyone in your family to learn. Make sure you give frequent lessons and advice on how to handle a gun and tips to stay safe for kids especially.

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