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Tips to Make the Transition to Boarding School Easier for Kids

Boarding schools are a great choice for children because they provide extensive academic opportunities while teaching independence. Though there are many fantastic benefits available at boarding schools, many children are understandably wary about attending a boarding school. If your child is going to be attending a boarding school, you can help to smooth their transition with these simple tips.

Explain Why Boarding School Is So Beneficial

When you first approach the subject, be sure to explain your reason behind suggesting a boarding school. Reassure your child that you are not just trying to get rid of them by pointing out all of the great advantages of boarding schools. Get your child excited about the experience, so they will have something to look forward to.

Visit the Campus

Your child will be far less nervous if they get the chance to actually visit the boarding school before moving there. Some companies, like Admiral Farragut Academy, know that children can experience a lot of anxiety about going away to school. Many times, this is due to fears of the unknown, so it is very beneficial to familiarize your child with the area before they start attending the school.

Stay in Contact

Let your child know that you will always be there for them, even if they are not at home. Set up a schedule for calls, video chats, and holiday visits to maintain your relationship with your child. This reassurance can soothe fears of being alone or abandoned at a boarding school.

Take Them Shopping for Supplies

Being prepared really helps to make a smooth transition from home to a boarding school. Talk with your child about everything they will need for classes and their room at school. If you can help them to prepare and get everything they need, your child will be ready for anything.

Help Them Make New Friends

A lot of the trepidation surrounding boarding schools is due to worries about not knowing anyone. Your child can greatly benefit from making friends with classmates before they attend. Talk to the boarding school and see if they can recommend someone to start an email correspondence with your child before they move to the school.

By having your child involved in the process and remaining supportive and available at all times, you can help them to get involved in the boarding school life without anxiety. The transition does not have to be stressful or intimidating as long as you and your child are properly prepared for the experience.

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