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Tips to Make Your Yard a Safe Place for Your Kids to Play

A backyard is a place with an endless amount of fun for children. Every parent wants to see their child run around, get exercise and smile. However, the backyard can be a very dangerous place if precautions are not taken. Read on to learn a few tips to keep your yard safe place for your children to play.

Look for Potential Hazards

Just because your child is playing in your backyard doesn’t mean that they’re entirely safe. Before letting them run free around the yard, go out and see what could potentially harm them. Anything can be a hazard to them ranging from the garden hose to chemicals to even a potted plant. Furthermore, make sure that any play structures you have doesn’t have an insect nest or other health risks.

Reinforce the Rules

Don’t just let your child wildly run around. Sit down with them and come up with a few safety rules. Also, make sure there are rules for any playmates that come over. Write down the rules on a piece of paper or a whiteboard and put them somewhere that’s visible. A few basic rules can include:

– Do not push

– No roughhousing

– Refrain from wearing open-toed shoes

– Do not enter any restricted areas such as the garage or trash room

Also make sure that your children doesn’t go into an area with broken or uneven concrete. It can cause them to slip and hurt themselves. If this is a problem, look into concreting solutions to create a safer area for your children.

Add a Fence

Nothing adds an extra layer of protection than a backyard fence. There are a variety of fences to choose from, but the best ones to keep your child safe are ones that self-close. If a fence is out of your budget, you can set boundaries by putting up child-proof gates.

Monitor Your Child

Children love to get into things that they shouldn’t. Whatever piques their interest, it becomes their mission to find out what it is. However, their curiosity is what can put them in danger. As such, it’s your responsibility as the parent to make sure they’re kept safe and sound. Keep them close, and if they are allowed to play outside of your immediate supervision, make sure you have ways to contact one another in case of emergency.

Although it’s important that your child has play time, their safety is always a top priority. Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about your child accidentally hurting themselves.

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