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Tips to Protect Curious Toddlers Around the House

tips-to-protect-curious-toddlers-around-the-houseOne of the most important responsibilities facing the parents of toddlers involves furnishing a physically safe living environment. While you cannot possibly protect your developing youngster from every mishap, by helping to prevent some potentially serious accidents, you’ll gain greater peace of mind. A comfortable and secure place will give your child space to thrive. Consider implementing some of these practical tips to keep your youngest family members safe.

Bathtub Safety

Never, ever leave your toddler unattended in the bathtub or around buckets or other household containers filled with water. Little children easily lose their balance and can slip underwater in a matter of seconds and drown. Don’t leave a room with water to respond to a ringing doorbell or telephone without taking your child with you!

Provide a Secure Crawl Space

Babies and toddlers love to explore their environments and when they begin crawling, you’ll face the challenge of monitoring them closely to prevent accidental falls off furniture and damage from the immediate vicinity. Experts recommend equipping every unused electrical outlet in the residence with a child protective socket plug. This will prevent young toddlers from attempting to stick their fingers or objects into electrical sockets. 

Secure Heavy Objects

Perhaps equally important, you’ll want to secure heavy objects which might topple over and fall down on a crawling or climbing toddler. Make sure you affix television sets, bookcases, aquariums, chests of drawers, and other heavy furniture firmly to walls or built-in cabinets so that these objects cannot tip over onto your child if the youngster attempts to climb on them.

Keep Household Products Secure

If you use a pest control company, make certain you inform the service techs about the need to prevent your youngster from contacting poisonous substances in the home and lawn. Some of the best pest control in Boise, Idaho recommend green pesticides that will kill bugs without using harsh chemicals. Ask your own provider about their options. You’ll want to install locks on low-level cabinet and cupboard doors to prevent children from crawling inside as well. Store household cleaners, cosmetics, personal care items and medications securely away from the child’s reach in a locked location.

Restrict Kitchen Access

Don’t allow your toddler to explore the kitchen in your absence. Installing a baby gate can help prevent accidents in this potentially dangerous location. Young children may attempt to reach overhead and accidentally come into contact with hot surfaces or sharp objects in a kitchen.

Consider the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It can help you create a toddler-safe home environment!

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