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Toddler Clog the Toilet? How to Make Your Bathroom Usable Again

For some toddlers, the toilet can be an endless form of entertainment. This may have led to a few toys making their way into the drain. Here are some of the steps that you can take in order to make your bathroom usable again.

Use the Right Tool

For most things, the toilet plunger will be able to get the job done as long as you can create the appropriate amount of suction. It may take a little bit of time, but eventually that stubborn clog may become dislodged. In more severe cases in which a lot of toys made it down the drain, a snake may be better suited to the job. This plumbing tool will wind its way down the drain in an attempt to dislodge whatever’s clogging it up.

Flush with Caution

Once you think that you’ve unblocked the drain, flush with caution. Make sure not to flush more than once because this could cause the toilet to overflow. Be prepared for that rising tide of water coming out of the toilet when you decide to finally go for it. One solution to prevent the water from overflowing is to turn off the water to the tank if you notice that the toilet is still clogged. This may prevent more of a mess than is necessary to get the job done.

Seek Professional Assistance

Some clogs may be too far down the drain for you to easily reach. In these instances, calling a professional drain cleaning service is your best option. This could eliminate you spending hours trying to take care of it yourself only to have to give up in frustration. During the time that you spent trying to unclog the toilet, your toddler may have moved on to other things in your home.

Sanitize the Mess

The last step to any toilet situation involves sanitizing the scene of the crime. You want to know that your family isn’t going to become ill because of the toilet water that ended up on the floor. Soap and water will get the job done. Another solution is to use a bleach solution so that you ensure that the floor is really clean. This step may be required depending on the amount of mess that was generated during the unclogging process.

Once you have a functional bathroom again, take steps to prevent a reoccurrence. Look into installing a toilet lock until this phase has passed.

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