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Toilet Training 101: 5 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids

Whether you are raising your first child or you have other kids who were reticent to use the toilet, you may feel a sense of dread every time you consider toilet training. While you cannot guarantee that your kids will abide by your commands, you can use some strategies to ease the process.

Leave the Toilet Out

Once you have procured a potty for your children, consider leaving it on in a common place. Think about how curious your kids are when you bring a new toy or item for the home into the house. The potty might have the same effect. Professionals, like those at Rakeman Plumbing, know that kids should be familiar with their toilet. That way, they’re less likely to have accidents. In fact, you might want to put it out there before you even talk to them about toilet training. Let them develop an interest instead of pushing it on them.

Read Books

Very young children may feel as though no one else in the world is forced to use a potty, and that can be a reason why they so stubbornly hold on to their diapers. When you read them stories with comforting characters who are using the toilet for the first time, you may soon see that your kids want to emulate these characters whom they view as companions on their journey.

Offer Rewards

Teaching kids that they should receive a reward every time that they do what they are supposed to can prove quite detrimental in the future. You don’t want your children to expect rewards for simply following standard protocol. However, rewarding in the early stages of potty training is often useful. For example, if you have a really stubborn child, you may want to promise an outing at the local ice cream parlor after he or she uses the potty five times in a row.

Stay Calm

Think about the last thing that you did that made you cry; you probably never want to have that experience again. When your children start to associate using the potty with tears and struggle, they may grow afraid of it. While they may never love having to take the time to go to the bathroom, you can at least prevent them from developing an unbridled fear.

Give Them Space

You might want to train them by the end of the week so that you can enroll them in a particular class or activity. No matter how strong your desire is for this goal, their desire to refuse may be greater. While you do not want your children to enter into kindergarten still wearing diapers, you can give them a bit of space in the early training stages.

Teaching your kids how to use the potty might seem like a nightmare, especially if you’ve struggled to do so with your other children. Fortunately, when you create a more relaxed environment, you may see faster success.

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