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Top Child Safety Hazards Parents Never Think About & How to Eliminate Them

If you are the parent of a young child, you should be aware of the dangers that could put your little one’s well-being in jeopardy. Some of the biggest dangers are not always obvious and only come to the attention of parents when it is too late. Here are four top child safety hazards that you may have not been aware of and how to eliminate them.

Television Sets

You already know that watching too much TV is bad for your child, but your television set could also cause your little one physical harm. According to CBS News, there have been instances where small children have been crushed by falling televisions. This can happen when a TV is placed on an unstable stand that is bumped by a child. Televisions mounted on walls can also suddenly fall onto small children. The best way to prevent this problem is to use stands or shelves that are sturdy and adequately sized for televisions. Avoid using stands with drawers.

Home Fitness Equipment

Your young son or daughter might be tempted to tinker around with your home exercise equipment when your eyes are not watching. Exercise cords can cause strangulation if they wrap around children’s necks. A treadmill or an elliptical machine that is turned on by a young child can also be dangerous. Treadmills are further known to sometimes have loose cables that may pose strangulation risks. If possible, try keeping your fitness equipment inside of a room that can be locked so that your child cannot access your equipment without your authorization.

Window Screens

Screens on windows are not always as secure as you might think. These screens can be popped out my young children, and this could cause little ones to fall out of windows. Screens that are made from weak materials can also be torn open or have large holes poked in them by children. Installing screens made of durable welded wire cloth can provide greater stability and prevent accidents. If you open any of your windows, you should also keep a close eye on your young child at all times.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles that contain household cleaners and other hazardous chemicals can be especially dangerous when they fall into the hands of small children. Your little one will not recognize the potential danger and might end up spraying these bottles in the eyes or mouth. Some of the chemicals that are found in these bottles are known to cause blindness, poisoning and other serious health problems. When not in use, all your spray bottles should be turned to the “off” position and stored in locked drawers or cabinets. You should also use kid-friendly terms to explain the importance of not playing with spray bottles to your child.

You can keep your child out of harm’s way by learning how to identify and prevent some of the less-obvious dangers that may be lurking in your home. Many of these hazards can be avoided by taking just a few simple precautions.

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