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Top Cities to Relocate to with Your Family After COVID

The extra time you’ve been forced to spend at home during the COVID-19 crisis might have you wanting to move to a new city. What cities are on your mind? Has your family considered these five cities?

1. Scottsdale, AZ

Only about a 20-minute drive for you from Phoenix, Scottsdale has blossomed into a city with offerings larger cities have without feeling like a large city. Around 250,000 people live in Scottsdale, and your family would be joining a diverse community. And when it comes to any children you might have, the city is great for kids.

The Scottsdale United District has schools that consistently rank well, and your children will have all kinds of community services and outdoor activities to enjoy. You also should know Scottsdale consistently ranks at the top of lists for US cities with job opportunities. If you are looking for a real estate agent in Scottsdale, AZ, there are pros out there ready to help you.

2. Atlanta, GA

You should know Atlanta has continued to evolve as a domestic and international economic powerhouse. More people fly through the city’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport than any other airport in the US. You also have more industries operating out the city than ever before. Did you know Atlanta is considered the Hollywood of the South now, too? Throughout the Metro Atlanta region, you will find film and TV studios constantly rolling cameras these days.

If your family moves to Atlanta, you will notice a very healthy housing marketing. You will discover a city with various types of schools for your children, too. And if you are wanting to live somewhere that permits your family to have plenty of outdoor fun, you and your family can be in the Georgia wilderness in an hour’s drive. You also have Piedmont Park and other parks throughout the city.

3. Asheville, NC

Speaking of outdoor activities, you should look into Asheville, NC. The city is full of nature activities your family can enjoy. Sitting within the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, this city has just under 100,000 residents. If you move to Asheville, your family will be joining a diverse and vibrant community.

The city is full of artists, and your family will not lack any opportunities to feel culturally enriched. You all will have art festivals, concerts, and so many other avenues to soak in some culture and have a great time. You also will notice the city has some amazing restaurants. A strong tourism industry means there will be no lack of work for your family, and you can find affordable housing, too.

4. Denver, CO

If you want to live in a mountain city, but think you might want to live out West consider Denver, CO. A very popular city for outdoor enthusiasts, Denver is amazing if your family enjoys being in the outdoors. In just under an hour, you can be in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the US.

But the city itself has so much to offer, too, and you won’t have to venture out to have a good time. Over the years Denver has grown to include more industries than ever and more types of people, too, and you will appreciate this rich diversity. The city has great schools, and you also will be able to find great housing opportunities.

5. Jacksonville, FL

Maybe your family would like to live near the water. If that is the case, you really should consider Jacksonville, FL. You have the Atlantic Ocean to the East, and you have the St. John’s River flowing through the city. The area is packed with plenty of opportunities for your family to enjoy relaxing and recreation on or near the water.

More than 900,000 people live in Jacksonville, and the city covers nearly 900 square miles. So many different communities make it easy for you to find the home perfect for your family. You also have various types of schools and all kinds of industries in the city.

Cities Your Family Will Love

Consider bookmarking this page. Each of the cities above is sure to be a hit with your family. Maybe you should see what your family thinks about these suggestions. You can share this page with them, too.

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