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Top Considerations to Make When Relocating for a Job with Family in Tow

While you may have easily city hopped when you were younger and had no family, now that you have one, it can be very difficult. Everyone goes through their own emotions about moving on their own time schedule. Here are four tips you may want to think about when you are relocating to a new community for a job.

Consider Schools

A child’s job is school, so choose to buy or rent a house in an area of town with a good school. If you are going to put your children in private school, investigate the possible choices. Read reviews of the schools, and where possible, meet with families whose children attend there. Choose which one your children will attend.

Talk to Your Children

Tell your children as far ahead as possible that you are moving. Ask them to prepare a list of things that they enjoy most about their current community. Try to make time to visit each of those places at least one more time before you move. Let them know that they can take most of their things with them. Be excited about the new community.

Take a Tour

When you have decided to accept the new job, then take the family on a tour of the new city. Find out from the local chamber, tourist organizations or your employer where they take their kids to have a great time. Then, take your children there so that you are creating happy memories of the community where you are moving. You may even want to investigate a local youth organization to see if your children can visit. If possible, let the children tour their new school and meet some of the children in the neighborhood.

Make Packing Easier on Your Children

Help your children decide what they want to leave behind and what they want to take with them when your family moves to your new home. Help them to visualize the room that they’ll be living in once you’ve moved. If you’ve used a realtor service, like RE/MAX Space Center-Clear Lake, then this can be easily done by asking for pictures of your child’s future room as well as dimensions. You can then use tape to map out the size of the room. This can be done either in a big living room or outside on a driveway. This will help your child to visual how much space they’ll have.

To help make choosing between all of their things possible, lay three tarps out on the floor. Label one tarp for keeping, one tarp for giving away and the final one for throwing away. It will amaze you and your child how much they have accumulated. Praise them for choosing to give things away. Let them keep one or two items to carry in the car with them as you move to the new location.

Moving to a new community for a job can be scary for children. Use these tips to reassure them that it is an exciting adventure. Before you know it, most children will love their new surroundings.

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