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Top Tips On How To Add Value To Your Home – And A Few To Avoid

If you are thinking of selling your home, then you want the best possible price for it. Your property is the biggest investment of time, energy and money that you make and so taking the big step to sell needs to reap you the rewards you need. There are many hints and tips out there on how to add value to your home but act with caution, as some may add nothing or, even worse, detract from the value of your property.
Here are some tips to improve your home’s value.

BIG improvements

Some people add extensions and extra living space at the time they are in their homes as is suits them and their family needs. Some homeowners however, get this wrong adding a huge conservatory for a massive amount of money and are disappointed to find that it adds a small percentage on to the value. So if you are thinking of BIG improvements consider the following:

Convert the loft (as opposed to the basement). Studies have shown that this is the easiest way to add a bedroom and a bathroom, is not overly disruptive to living in the property at the same time that the work is done.

Number crunch – spend £20,000 on a loft conversion to add £40,000 to the value of your property – BUT it has to be a professional job that meet ALL building regulations.

Add a conservatory as extending the living space within a home is a sure-fire winner but again, as with the loft conversion, it needs to be a ‘proper job’ or it could end up looking like a lean-to bolted on to the back of your house.

Number crunch – a well designed and built conservatory will set you back anything from £5,000 to £30,000 depending on size, materials etc. but will add around 7% onto the value of your home. Add a full extension and you can add around 11% to the value.

The garage can go from being a messy, spider-ridden area to a useful outdoor ‘room’ or additional living space if it’s attached to your property. This adds the sought-after extra living space but take care that the car can still be parked somewhere safe, preferably off road.

Number crunch – a well-done garage conversion will cost around £10,000 and will add value to your property.

Smaller improvements

However, in all honesty, not many people take on large such large renovation and extension projects at a time when then have decided to sell and so smaller, cheaper improvements can make all the difference.

Many buyers are looking for a ‘sound’ home, in a good state of repair and looks like it has been looked after and the most important impression is made outside. A landscaped garden is brilliant but if your roof looks a bit tired and old, then you might find that this is a major off putting factor.

Not many people think to look up at the roof but it provides the most basic of functions – keeping you and your family dry. There are many things you can have done to your roof – have it checked for damage and get it repaired. There are also companies that offer a cleaning and roof coating service. Not only does roof coating give your property an instant lift, but it also adds life to the roof. A fabulous selling point for your estate agent to point out – in fact, it can add anything between 10 and 15 years. It also adds kerb appeal to your property over and above any other properties that may be for sale on your street.

And what to avoid…

  • … over doing it. If you live on a street where the average price is £20,000 then there is no point in adding a massive extension and expecting to get £400,000 for your home
  • … bodging the job. With the roof coating, cleaning and general upgrade of your guttering and other roofline components, if the job is bodged, you can tell a mile off.
  • … replacing furniture. Looks great, gives the feel of a lifestyle but really is not worth it. Neither will it add value.
  • … huge, massive TV screens that fill the room. They make the room feel a lot smaller than it is and detracts from the sale.
  • … too many bedrooms. Can you have too many bedrooms? Apparently so! There is a price difference between 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties but after 5 bedrooms there is no real price increase.

These home improvement tips have been provided by Matt Glover from the Roof Coating Specialists.

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