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Top Tips That Ensure A Smooth Moving Experience

You could throw roses around the garden and dance all you want but, moving from one home to another is no walk in the park. If the move is for the better – bigger home, better neighbourhood, bigger city and such – then perhaps the sting of moving and the pain of packing is going to be a little less. Still, in no way is packing and moving a joyride. It is still possible to make it a little less inconvenient by following from generally understood tips. These tips cover a lot of area in terms of man and van service, packing material and using simple checklists.

Make your next move smooth by following these tips.Maintain A Tracker

Moving process can become a mess and that can drive you crazy. One easy way of ensuring that it does not become a chaotic scene that makes you mad is to utilize some basic organizational tools.  Sit down with the most organized person or friend and make a list. Take some time with the list and jot down everything in bullet points. You can either use the old fashioned paper and pen or fire up that spreadsheet app on your tablet or Smartphone. Whichever tool works for you.

Although, we have to add here that the digital way of doing things is much better. Whatever you jot down, it will be backed up online, so that if you ever lose your list, you just need to download a copy from the internet. Also, making changes becomes easy. You can also have your other family members collaborate online, just like how you collaborate with your colleagues at your office. The technology is there to make it easy. You might as well use it. If this can help you gain some peace of mind, then you should definitely use it.

Once the list is ready, start by dividing them into categories – low priority, high priority and medium priority. Then, start with the highest priority items at the earliest possible time. For example, finding a good man and van service is a high priority. Throwing away the old stuff in the garage before moving could be a low priority activity. Requesting for a change of address with the cable company could be a medium priority. It is up to you. Once the priorities are assigned, start with the highest priority activity and drill down as you go.

Packing Material

A lot of movers underestimate the power of proper packing. Packing boils down to the use of strong boxes and duct tape and come what may, do not cheap out on these two things. Even though no moving can happen without the use of these boxes and duct tape, folks would love to buy the cheapest possible boxes as well as tape. This is because of the one-time using nature of these items. While this is essentially true, there is no point in buying cheap boxes and duct tapes. They are bound to give up on you at the worst possible moment.

They are also not sturdy enough. In transit, these cheap boxes can open up or tear up or worse mix and spill with other items. They also have poor handling orientation. That is why, you should not mind the extra expense and get pricier boxes and tape. They are totally worth it. Trying to save up on wrapping paper and tape is probably the worst thing you could do, when you have so many bigger things to worry about.

Man And Van Service

With a man and van service, you have got some choices to make. Very early on in the moving process, you should ensure that you decide how involved you want the moving company to be. They can simply provide with the moving truck or a couple of trucks if you have a lot of stuff. Or, they can provide the truck and also help you with the packing. They can pack your stuff, load it up on the truck, drive everything to the destination and then unload and organize everything, just the way you want it.

For those who are short on time, just letting the truck company do everything is the easiest way to go. It will probably cost more than just hiring their four wheeler, but it is surely worth it. All you have to do is, tell them what needs to be done and they will do it. Since this is what they do for a living, they are going to get it done, faster and better. You might also save some money with the packing and wrapping material as they will bring everything on their own.

The author is constantly moving from one place to another, almost like a nomad. He makes it a point to use removals Edinburgh who provide excellent services. 

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