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Trendy, Chic Home: 4 Design Tips for Your New Residence

If you recently moved in to a new home, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t quite feel like home just yet. You need to invest in your home to create the ideal environment. The new year has brought on plenty of great home design trends that can help you design your new space to be both functional and beautiful. Below are four home design tips for your new residence.

Ditch the Cabinets 

A new trend that has popped up recently is light and airy kitchen spaces. One way to accomplish this is to get rid of upper cabinet space; this gives your walls a clean and refined look and allows for some flow and continuity in the space. Instead of cabinets, try utilizing wood or metal shelves; as long as you only store the essentials, they will still look clean and uncluttered. 

Light or Dark Paint 

One of the worst design mistakes you can make is letting a room become cramped and claustrophobic. Painting smaller rooms with lighter colors can help ensure this doesn’t happen and bring some airiness and expansiveness to an otherwise tiny space. You can also try adding wall mirrors to add the illusion of more space to the room. If you have a large room and you need it to feel more inviting, you can try painting it darker colors such as olive, navy blue, or maroon.

Add Greenery 

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram recently, you’ve probably seen trendy influencers take full advantage of the succulent trend. Adding plants (whether real or fake) to your space can make it feel far more relaxing and inviting. They can also take the place of other accent pieces in the home. The benefit of adding real plants is their ability to freshen air and absorb pollen and other harmful particulates from the air. 


Don’t just focus on your interiors. Be sure to invest in your exteriors. Things like new roofing, wall cladding, landscaping, and freshly cut grass all go a long way toward making your home look neat and tidy from the outside. Consider planting native plant and flower varieties to bring life to your home. A little bit of care and effort does a lot for the outside of your home.

The wonderful thing about moving into a new home is that it’s a blank canvas; it’s waiting on your personal touch to make it the welcoming, vibrant space that you want it to be. It’s easy to have an idea of what you want your home to look like with no real concrete ideas as to how to get there. With some planning and research, you can make your house a home.

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