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Want to Give More? Five Tips For Increasing Your Charitable Donations

Charity can have a tremendous impact on those who need help, and many of us love giving away what we can to help make our communities and other parts of the world better places. However, many of us are unable to offer as much as we’d like, but there are ways to increase how much you can give. Here are five tips to consider.

Time is Money

If you posses valuable skills, you might find that donating your time is even more efficient than donating money. If you can design websites, launching one for a charity can help them reach out to more people. If you know a bit about construction or have some handyman skills, you might be able to help improve local offices. It’s not always easy to come up with extra money, but those who are able to offer some time can have a significant impact.

Learn about Taxes

Most charitable donations can be deducted from your taxes, but many people don’t know exactly how the process works. When they learn about tax law, they’re often able to donate more without hurting their bank accounts too much. There are also ways to use trusts for donations that can result in family members receiving more in addition to allowing you to offer more to charity. To learn more about setting up a trust, about estate planning, or making sure your money goes where you actually want it to, you should research and consult with an attorney you can trust. A firm such as the law offices of Savin & Bursk can help you determine how you can go about planning your donations and inheritance best for avoiding taxes.

Cut Back on Expenses

More and more people are discovering that life without cable television isn’t so bad thanks to the numerous online video sources. Likewise, some people find that efficiency upgrades allow them to spend less on their electricity bills. There are ways to cut back on costs without sacrificing much, and they can allow you to donate more to charity.

Work With Your Business

Some business owners and managers are interested in finding ways to donate to charity. If your business is interested in doing so, offer the take on a role at the office. Some businesses are willing to match donations; if yours is willing to do so, you can effectively double your contributions.


Many charities have trouble attracting volunteers. By volunteering some of your time, you might be able to reach out to potential donors and increase how much your charity receives. Many find volunteering to be fun, and it can be a great way to meet new people.

Charities depend on donations, and many people view donating to charity as a rewarding experience. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help charities without spending more than you can afford.


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