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Warning Signs That You’re in a Toxic Workplace

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, so it should be a place where we feel relaxed, happy and valued. The need for employment, though, can lead some of us to accept circumstances that we otherwise wouldn’t. A toxic workplace is not only bad for your career, but can also impact your overall emotional health. Here are some signs that your job atmosphere might not be good for you.

High Turnover Rates

Do you notice that there is a lot of employee turnover? If co-workers seem to come and go as if through a revolving door, then there is probably a good reason—often there are bad culture foundations within the workplace. You might feel compelled to stay and accept mistreatment because of the need for work while others have more freedom to leave if they feel like something isn’t right. Similarly, your employer might be too quick to let their employees go, seeing them only as assets and not people. You should also pay attention to why your co-workers are being fired. Look to see if people are let go for discriminatory reasons. Not only is this a red flag, but it’s also highly illegal.

Tyrannical Management

If you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting your supervisor, you are not only caught in a toxic work environment, but you are also in a potentially abusive situation. We often think of emotional abuse as only a concern in personal relationships, but they can occur in the workplace, as well. Statements like, “You can’t do anything right,” or “You are lucky to have this job,” are both highly problematic. This is the behavior you should run far and fast from.

Poor Communication

If you are getting little to no feedback about your job performance or are often left confused about expectations, there has been a breakdown in workplace communication. It is not uncommon for these situations to turn into animosity as co-workers feel ignored or undervalued.Poor communication at work is a productivity killer. You deserve proper feedback and instruction. Don’t settle for being left in the dark.

Bad culture in the workplace can lead to depression and anxiety. You should not settle for being treated poorly by toxic management or ineffective workplace policies. The first step to escaping a toxic workplace is to become aware of the dysfunction. In doing so, you grant yourself the tools needed to leave behind a bad situation and seek employment that does not insult your dignity.

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