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Was Your Child Injured In Childbirth? 3 Strategies To Accelerate Their Recovery

Doctors are not perfect. They make mistakes like everyone else. Some mistakes though result from negligence, such as failing to perform required tasks during delivery, using incorrect techniques and exposing your or your child to the wrong medications. Negligent acts can cause temporary or permanent musculo-skeletal, neurological, cognitive, emotional or psychological problems.

If your baby was injured during childbirth, you must start treatment as soon as possible to take advantage of the faster healing that babies experience because of natural growth processes. To accelerate recovery, utilize these three strategies.

Setup A Team-Based System

Whether your child’s doctors and therapists are located in your town or all over the country, you can become overwhelmed quickly while trying to handle recovery tasks like appointment scheduling, dealing with insurance and traveling long distance. With a team-based system, one or two physicians help you establish recovery goals and the roles of each team member and then personally or via assistants monitor the entire process, check-in regularly with team members and help you deal with sudden emergencies. One of the primary goals of team-based care is to use collaboration and communication to prevent caregivers from becoming overwhelmed and falling behind with treatment.

Take Time Off Regularly

You can’t help your child recover if you’re scared, negative, frustrated and tired all of the time. Never be afraid to also ask family members and friends for assistance so that you and/or your partner can take a break that helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. Set up a schedule with those who are willing to learn about your child’s special needs that includes pre-scheduled time off dates and emergency solutions. When you feel refreshed, you accelerate your child’s recovery by approaching obstacles and decisions with a clearer mind and a more positive attitude.

Talk To A Lawyer

Speak with experienced birth injury child rights lawyers like those found at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. Rehabilitation treatments are often expensive. You might face medical bills that are extensive and could quickly overwhelm you. Additionally, sometimes the only way to prevent injuries to someone else’s child is by challenging negligent medical personnel through legal avenues. An experienced lawyer helps you make legal decisions that protect you, your child and others.

A baby’s recovery can sometimes take years. You might learn that your child will never fully recover. These three strategies can help provide you with the support, strength and financial assistance needed to face the tough times ahead.

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