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Was Your Teen Arrested? 5 Steps to Take in Response

As awful as it is to see your teen arrested, it’s important not to panic. There’s always the chance that they were wrongfully accused or that their arrest was handled improperly, and even if you can’t get your child out of jail right away, you can still make sure that they’re treated and legally represented properly. Here are five steps to take in response to your teen being arrested:

Act as an Appropriate Adult

As the parent of an arrested child, you have the right to act as an “appropriate adult” who supports the young person after their arrest. This means that you can observe the interview the police will conduct with your child, which can help you ensure that your child is being treated fairly and the interview is conducted properly.

Hire a Solicitor

Hiring a solicitor can have multiple benefits for your child. A solicitor can meet with the child before the interview and help them prepare, including advising them on what to say. If you don’t have a solicitor or can’t afford one, you can also have the police station call a duty solicitor, who will legally represent your child for free.

Meet with Your Teen

As a parent, you have the right to speak to your child in private before the interview, and you should take advantage of this opportunity. Try to help calm your teen down and help them prepare to be interviewed. This is also a good time to remind them that you love them and have your back, and also to be sure they realize that they made a mistake.

Check That Procedures Are Properly Followed

If the police mistreat your child or fail to perform their required duties in any way, your child may be released, and in any event, you want to make sure they’re treated fairly. Check to make sure that your child was read all of their rights, and also that they’ve been given food and water and had their health checked; these are all steps that police are required to take.

Contact a Bond Agency

If your teen is going to face trial, you should consider contacting a bail bond agency like Goldfarb Bonding Agency. These agencies pay the posted bail if you can’t afford it, which allows suspects to return to their community until the trial begins. You’ll have to ensure that your teen doesn’t try to skip out on the court date, and you should check the specifics rules and requirements for the type of bond that is paid, but it’s well worth the money and effort to have your child home.

By taking these steps as soon as your teen is arrested, you can ensure that they’re as supported and well-represented as possible. The most important thing is to be there for your teen and be sure they’re treated fairly, which is well within your rights as a parent and an ‘appropriate adult.’

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