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What Are Some Less Expensive Options for Recarpeting a Small Room?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need to replace the carpet in one room, there are several options available when you’re updating the carpet in a small space. Carpet rolls generally come in 12-foot-long sections, so as long as the room is smaller than that in one direction, you shouldn’t have any problems finding an inexpensive option.

Carpet Tiles

Once the old carpet is out, you might consider adding carpet tiles if the subfloor is in good shape and fairly level. One of the bonuses of putting down carpet from a roll is that you’ll likely place padding beneath it, and carpet padding can cover a lot of discrepancies, such as leveling problems. However, carpet tile is a great option for spaces that are prone to spills and messes, such as kitchens, bathrooms and craft rooms. Some carpet tiles come with an adhesive backing, and others can be glued or taped in place. According to Adhesive Squares, using adhesive tape to put down your carpet tiles can be a great option for putting down carpet tiles because it requires less of a learning curve, so it takes less time to put the carpet down. You might even be able to save some money by using the adhesive tape on the carpet squares yourself.


Using a remnant from a full-sized carpet roll is a great option to update the flooring in a small room. Make sure you let your installer know that you’re working with a remnant as they may need to install a threshold between the existing flooring and the newly carpeted area. According to Floors Direct, carpet remnants work well for smaller rooms and are often priced at a significant discount when compared to the regular roll. You may also enjoy the chance to pick out new colors for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, or invest in a plusher carpet to keep floors warm.

Area Rugs

If the room you’re working in is very small, you may be able to cover most of the floor with an area rug. Area rugs are great DIY options as they don’t need to be stretched like a carpet remnant. However, it may take some serious searching to find an area rug to suit the space. Make sure to add a non-slip pad under the rug. You’ll also need good quality double-stick tape to go around the edges of the rug to avoid tripping hazards.

You have plenty of options when updating your carpet room by room. If most of the carpet in your house is in good shape and you just need to tidy up the flooring in one space, you may find that carpet tile, a quality remnant or an area rug suits your needs perfectly.

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