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What Are Some Vintage Ways to Decorate Your Son’s Room?

Now is a great time to do the bedroom makeover for your son that you have been thinking about. A vintage theme is a unique way to add personality to the room while still keeping it classic. Here are five of the best vintage themes to use for a boy’s bedroom.


There is nothing more classic than a Western cowboy theme. This is especially appropriate for younger boys looking for a more playful theme for the room. There are a number of ways that you can have fun with this vintage style. Choose a paint color that coordinates with your decor. A beige or chocolate brown shade are both good choices. You can use colorful bandanas placed strategically for a pop of color. Pieces of rope are also easy and appropriate decorating accessories. A gingham pattern is a good choice for bedding that complements a cowboy theme. Tin containers make organization easy while still keeping with the cowboy theme.

Play Ball:

A sports theme is a natural fit for a boy bedroom. Using sports as the backdrop is also an easy way to draw on vintage themes to create this inviting space. Try decorating the walls with classic baseball cards or other types of sports memorabilia. If you can get your hands on some vintage team pennants, these make an amazing addition to any sports themed room. Old newspaper clippings or magazine covers can be framed for a special bit of flair. Using an old metal locker for storage is both functional and stylish.

Pop Culture:

One fun way to bring the past alive is to choose a pop culture theme. You can focus on a particular decade or you can go with a specific genre. For example, maybe you want to focus on a musical style or old school Hollywood movies? Hang vintage movie posters, dangle records with string from the ceiling, and more. The possibilities are endless once you get started and begin brainstorming ideas.

Minimalist Antiques:

If your son is older or wants something more basic, you can consider a more minimalist approach to decorating the room. Going with a variety of antiques will give the room a vintage feel without being too over the top. For example, pair a wrought-iron bed with steamer luggage trunks for storage to create a classic look that will never go out of style. There are also a variety of wallpaper patterns to choose from that make it easy to draw out the elements of any time period. Finish the look with an old-fashioned quilt to provide comfort and style.

Time to Play:

If your son is still young, you can lean on classic toys to provide the inspiration for your decoration. Filling the bookshelves with old toys fill both an entertainment and decorative purpose. Good ideas include Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head, and classic spinning tops. You can carry this theme further by using the color palettes of the time to define the space. Browns, faded brick reds, and cream colors are also good shades to consider when looking to create a vintage look in the bedroom. Remember that vintage rooms are generally more muted in design, making it important that choose your pieces and decor carefully.

Once you begin brainstorming ways to go vintage with the room, you will be surprised at how easy the ideas come to you. With a little creativity and TLC, you can elevate an ordinary bedroom into something extra special for your son. He will create lasting memories in this special haven of fun and relaxation.

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