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What Can a Parent Do When Their Child Hates School?

For some children, school is a fun and enjoyable place to be. However, many parents struggle with children who dislike it. Does your child hate school? If so, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Talk to your child.

In a comfortable setting, try to understand why he or she dislikes school. Is it difficult to see the whiteboard? Are there bullies? Find out if the problem is with the teacher, other children, the curriculum, or something else altogether. Once discovered, many of these issues can be easily addressed.

2. Talk to the teacher.

Explain your child’s feelings about school, and ask about any struggles or problems the teacher may have noticed. Discuss specific concerns and ask him or her for advice.

3. Volunteer in the classroom.

Seeing parents in their school environment can comfort and encourage children. Show your child that you are excited to be there and talk positively about your experience. While volunteering, observe the class and look for any reasons why your child may dislike being there.

4. Help with homework.

Set a designated time each day for homework and help your child develop consistent study habits. Be willing to help and show your support.

5. Create an incentive program.

For some students the prospect of receiving good grades is an incentive enough, but others may need more encouragement. Rewards can be as simple as watching a favorite television show after they finish their homework, or can be based on a point system. Once you create a plan with your child, be consistent. If your child has difficulty meeting the goals, adjust the plan accordingly.

4. Encourage extracurricular reading at home.

Reading skills are an integral part of every subject in school. Helping your child become a better reader will improve their experience in class overall. Visit your local library or bookstore and pick out fun books to read. Teach by example and let your child see you reading for fun.

5. Provide fun learning activities at home.

Try hands-on, fun activities that implement the concepts they learn at school. Cook food and play games from different countries they are learning about. Purchase an inexpensive microscope from and conduct fun science experiments. Make their required reading come alive by acting out the story complete with homemade costumes. When your child sees the concepts and information from school in action, he or she will be more motivated to learn.

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