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What Can an Orthodontist Do for My Child Besides Braces?

You might only associate orthodontic care with braces. And while the different types of braces available now are more suited for people of all ages, there is still that idea out there that going to the orthodontist is only needed when you are getting shiny, metal braces.

In fact, there are five other services that you can receive when you get care from an orthodontist in the New York area. Each of the five services offered can help ensure you have the best smile possible.

Listed below for you are details about those five services and information on how each service could be beneficial for your child.

1. Invisalign® Treatment

Invisalign® uses high-quality plastic trays that are placed directly over your teeth. While not nearly as obvious as traditional braces, you will see some of the same benefits. To get your plastic trays, your orthodontist will take 3D images of your mouth. Those images will be sent off, and you will have custom trays that will align your teeth.

Not only will your child enjoy having the effect of braces without the obvious appearance of them, but you also will find Invisalign® to be easy to use. They can take their trays out when they want, and they will not have to worry about their own comfort levels.

2. Traditional Retainers

If you have braces, you might need a retainer after your braces are removed. And chances are that you will need one after your braces are gone.

A retainer will help ensure that the results from your braces last. It helps to ensure that your teeth do not start shifting again. It also helps prevent your bones from moving too much. Your bite is protected, too.

3. Biobloc Orthotropics

One of the newest orthodontic treatments out there for you to know about is Bioblic Orthortropics. This treatment therapy is very helpful for dental issues impacting young people that you know, and it is very important for children to have correct mouth posture to mitigate chances for problems later in life. It is one of the most effective orthodontic procedures that could be used on dental issues impacting children in your life.

But this great therapy is not just for children with dental issues. Adults can also use the service to help with dental posture issues that come about later on in life.

4. Oral Surgery

If your mouth will not assume the right position, your orthodontist might need to perform surgery to address issues with your jaws. First, your teeth will be properly aligned in your jawbones, and then your jaws will be aligned to make sure they function properly.

You will have more benefits than just your mouth working right when you eat. You will also be able to speak better and breathe better. You might even be able to sleep better since your breathing will have improved. And don’t forget to think about the benefit this could have on your appearance. From better function to aesthetic improvements, oral surgery could be for you. Your orthodontist will assess if this is your best strategy. If it is not, your orthodontist will determine a plan best suited for you.

5. Comprehensive Dental Care

When you rely on the services of an orthodontist, you are getting a comprehensive approach to your dental care. And according to Smile NYCity, an orthodontist in New York, many people benefit from the second opinion of a professional.

Your dentist needs to be able to communicate your entire dental history and dental habits to your orthodontist. And you need to get some services from a dentist. Work with an orthodontist to get comprehensive dental care.

Orthodontic Services that Could Benefit You

If you need orthodontic services, even if that service is braces, why would you put off getting the services you need? No matter your budget, there is usually a financing plan that will work for you. And no matter the severity of your dental issues, there is usually a service that will help you.

Do not let doubts, fears, and worries keep you from getting orthodontic care. As you can see through the five services covered above, your orthodontist provides some great services that could benefit you and your family.

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