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What Can Parents do to Help Their Academically Challenged Child

Many children struggle in school; however, steps can be taken by parents to help their academically challenged child succeed. You should work on your communication, learn about available services and programs, get involved in their education and be excited.


Parents should meet with teachers regularly about the progress of their children and discuss the anticipated curriculum in great detail. The more you are prepared the more easily it will be to help your child. You should ask about weekly assignments and speak with your child every night and every morning about their homework and tests to ensure no oversights occur. Also, speak with them about their struggles and challenges which might include non-academic-related difficulties.

Special Services and Programs

Schools and the local community will offer a number of in-school assistance, after-school programs and tutors to help children of all ages and educational levels. Many learning centers are opening across the country that are filled with specialized professionals to help struggling students. In fact, you can also look at what top franchise opportunities are available to run your own center to help all of the kids in your community.

Get Involved

Sit down and help your kids study for exams. Even if you do not feel you are qualified, simply asking them test preparation questions can improve their confidence and your relationship. You should also work with them on practice exams and review corrected assignments that have been returned. Often times, it helps children to practice their incorrect answers; however, simply asking about their academic day is a great start.

Generate Enthusiasm around Learning

If you are excited about their learning experiences and if you make learning fun, the chances of your children feeling the same is highly likely to increase. It is also critical to limit the amount of time they spend watching non-educational television and playing non-educational video games. Fun and educational programs, video games and other games are incredibly prevalent and easy to find. You might consider a visit to your local public library for some great options.

Being involved in every aspect of your child’s educational journey is essential for them to succeed. Children who struggle in school require more assistance and help must begin at home or they will be left behind. Parents who communicate, sign their kids up for special programs, get involved and make learning fun are far more successful with their academically challenged child than any of the others.

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