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What Does Partnership Mean to You?

According the, there a many synonyms for “partnership” that ring true when it comes to the Volunteer Program here at Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS). For instance the word “assistance,” which readily describes our partnerships in regards to Feed the Need food drives. Every year, congregation members from several local churches, such as St. Andrew Methodist, Bethany Lutheran, Our Father Lutheran, Columbine United Church and Columbine United Universalist volunteer their precious weekend hours to fill the shelves of the IFCS Food Bank which provides more than 90,000 meals annually. Not only do local churches assist with food drives, but so do neighborhood service clubs like Englewood Lions, Centennial Rotary, Highlands Ranch Rotary Satellite and Mountain Vista Interact. Without their efforts, IFCS would not be capable of effectively combatting food insecurity in south metro Denver.

volrec 2014 4“Cooperation,” another synonym for partnership, fluently defines the volunteer efforts of those that work to enhance our unique enrichment programs. Ladies in the Project Warmth group hand-knit exceptional wash clothes that are given to our low-income female clients for the Mother’s Day Program. The young ladies in Girl Scout Troop 3706 compassionately create individual greeting cards for those homebound elders that receive Senior Thanksgiving Food Baskets. The United Methodist Women shop all year to create Holiday Stockings that bring joy to children during this special time of year.

Another partnership synonym is “connection.” Organizations like the Volunteers of America’s RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program), AARP’s SCEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ web site connect IFCS with ongoing, year-round volunteers that contribute daily to our mission. These connections allow more indigent clients to be helped through case management services, food bank of choice shopping and clothing bank item selection.

The robust, flexible and significant IFCS Volunteer Program is always seeking new partnerships that can “assist” you to engage in community activities, “cooperate” to find meaningful service for you and/or your group and “connect” individuals, families, businesses and organizations with profound ways to positively impact the impoverished people living in our community. Act now to make a difference. Contact Jean Ray, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 303-789-0501 X103 and volunteer today.

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