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What Now? 3 Ways to Get Rid of Old and Broken Appliances

Some household appliances seem to last forever, running fifteen or twenty years, or even longer. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, including your refrigerator. It’s simple enough to find a replacement for an old appliance, but getting rid of the old one can be a hassle. Here are a few options you may have when disposing of broken-down household appliances:

Sell Them

That’s right, some utility companies, usually electric companies, will buy your non-working appliances. You won’t get anywhere near what you paid for them initially, but $50-$75 and having someone else haul an old, heavy refrigerator away is better than nothing. Even if your local utility company doesn’t offer money, they may still offer free appliance pickup if you just want to get it out of the way. Some of these old appliances can be refurbished or used for parts and the rest will usually be recycled, which can make this a greener option than taking it to the dump.

Scrap Them

Scrap yards often pay top dollar for materials used in common household appliances like rubber, aluminum, and valuable metals. You may have to transport the appliances to the scrap yard for assessment, but if accepted, payment is made on the spot. It is best to check out the local scrap yards online or call them to find out if they accept the appliances you have available. Some may require the parts to be dismantled to issue payment, and others may not accept appliances at all. Prices can fairly competitive, so it can be worthwhile to call ahead to several different facilities to see how much you can get out of it.

Save Them

If someone in your home likes to tinker and rebuild things, and if you have available storage space in the garage or basement, you could save broken appliances for a future fix-up. Assuming an appliance needs just a couple of parts instead of complete overhauling, it may be usable again. A working appliance, even if it’s old, is a lot easier to find a new home for. Whether you sell it, donate it, or use it yourself, you’ll be happy to know it didn’t go to waste.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When your time with an appliance is done, make the most of it. Even if you don’t get money in exchange, the effort it takes to make sure your old appliances refurbished, recycled, or properly disposed of is still worth it.

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