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What to Do if a Parent Suddenly Passes Away

When a parent suddenly passes away, it can be a very chaotic time. You need to be able to get yourself together enough to handle the logistics. Here are some things you need to fo when a parent suddenly passes away.

Reach Out to Family

You have a duty to reach out to everyone else in your family to make them aware of what happened. It’s time to get out the phonebook and call the people close to your parent. You should also put out an obituary in the paper as well as make people aware on Facebook.

Plan the Final Arrangements

You need to develop a celebration of life for your parent. You can have it at a funeral home or even a place that meant a lot to them. Send out invitations so that people have the opportunity to give their respects. Not all memorials need to be sad. You want to celebrate and talk about how lucky you all were to have such a wonderful person in your life.

Estate Management

You and your siblings need to divide the assets after a death. Hopefully, your parent was wise enough to get a will in order before they passed. This will make the process much easier. However, if any disagreements come up, you should be the bigger person. This is not a time to fight. If you can’t manage to come to an agreement, you should call a probate attorney to help with the process.

Cancel Personal Accounts

Your parent likely still had cell phone, cable, electricity, and water services. You need to cancel all accounts so that bills don’t add up even after their passing. Look through mail and email to find all accounts.

Get Counseling for Yourself

You are going through a lot right now. It’s perfectly natural to want someone to talk to during this difficult time. Get yourself professional help by going to a grief counselor. You can talk about your feelings. Even if the grief hasn’t hit you yet, it is surely coming.

You may be going through a lot of stress at the time. However, you need to pull yourself together enough to get these things done. You always relied on your parent to be there for you when you needed it. They can’t be there anymore, but you can be there for them one last time by handing things properly.

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