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What To Do If You Found Out Your Teen Shoplifted

Most parents try to raise their children to use proper judgement and avoid trouble with the law. Unfortunately, some teens are prone to shoplifting and getting into legal trouble. If you’ve discovered that your teen has stolen items from a store, there are a few important steps to take to resolve the issue and prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Discuss the Incident

One of the most important steps to take once your teen has shoplifted is to sit down with your child and ask what their motive was. When teens get into legal trouble, there is often an underlying reason to their behavior. It may have been a cry for attention or they could be spending time with the wrong crowd. Find the cause of the shoplifting to prevent it from occurring again.

Speak to an Attorney

The legal ramifications for shoplifting always differ, making it important to protect your teen and your family by speaking to an attorney. Contact New Westminster Criminal Defence Lawyers to discuss your rights and the consequences that may come with the incident. The professional may be able to represent your teen in court and reduce the penalties.

Return the Items

It’s important to make peace with the store that your teenager shoplifted at and to have your child apologize for the incident. Make it a point to return the items and speak to the store manager or owner, which can ease their anger. This will help your teen remain humble and can also reduce the charges that the store owner wants to take.

Discipline the Teen

Disciplinary action is necessary following a shoplifting incident to ensure that your child learns their lesson and understands how serious the situation is. Consider how you want to discipline your son or daughter, which may include doing volunteer work, taking away their cell phone, or creating a list of chores that they’ll have to complete around the house.

Monitor Their Behavior

Once a teenager gets into trouble with the law, it can be easy for them to continue the behavior and become rebellious. Make it a point to closely monitor their behavior and activity throughout the day to ensure that they’re staying busy with activities that benefit them as an individual.

Although it can be devastating to find out that your teen shoplifted, there are still certain steps that you can take to resolve the issue and put it in the past. With the right disciplinary action and help from a professional lawyer, it’s possible to improve your child’s behavior and prevent legal trouble from occurring again.

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