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What to Do in the Aftermath of a Slip and Fall Injury

Falling is a fairly common injury that occurs at home, in public, or on the job. A slip and fall may happen anywhere at any time. Many injuries of this type are not serious, resulting in bodily bumps or bruises. Some leave no mark at all. However, a fall can have a serious impact without your realizing it. Some elderly persons have broken a hip or a rib while people of all ages might experience a concussion or internal damage. If you slip somewhere and fall down, follow these steps as a precaution.

Take Stock of Any Injuries

Check out your body to see if there are any visible bruises, bleeding, or breaks in the skin. Try moving the affected parts, like an arm, leg, neck, or back to see if you are still mobile or are becoming sore. If you have sustained a fall that impacted your face, check for chipped teeth or a bruising around the eyes. If no changes can be found, try again after an hour or two to see if muscle movement is painful.

Follow First Aid Guidelines

If minor injuries are noted, apply first aid as designated in your workplace guidelines and polices or as stipulated by your doctor’s office or a reliable online medical website. Heat or ice packs can help minor muscle soreness, for example. Over=the-counter pain relief may reduce any minor discomfort from the fall.

Get a Medical Exam

If more serious injuries or symptoms are noticed, call your doctor’s office for advice or go to a nearby clinic or a hospital emergency room for an evaluation. Do not drive or walk if you are dizzy, have a broken bone or serious muscle weakness, or are bleeding. Have a family member or friend assist you. Follow the medical treatment guidelines if any are given for recovering from your slip and fall injury.

Consult an Attorney

If you believe someone’s negligence contributed to your fall and resulting injuries, get in touch with a slip and fall injury attorney. You can receive legal advice about your rights and how to apply for compensation for your medical bills, loss of work time, and pain from injuries. The attorney can also inform you of legal procedures and deadlines for filing an injury claim with his or her help.

Any fall can be potentially harmful. Follow these tips for prompt evaluation and treatment as well as any compensation to which you may be entitled.

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