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What to Do When Your Kids Flushes a Toy down the Toilet

It’s an exciting time when your child can finally use the toilet all by themselves. Potty training itself can lead to your child being more interested in the toilet. Here some of the steps that you can take when your kid decides to flush their toys down the toilet.

Inspect Your Toilet

The first step to take is to inspect your toilet. See if you can remove any objects that are stuck. For some toys, you may be able to use a plunger to clear them out of the drain. A hook could also come in handy for removing larger toys that are resisting coming out. Turn off the water if it looks like your toilet is going to overflow. You don’t want to have to mop up toilet water on top of this toy crisis.

Explain the Consequences

Your children need to understand the consequences when it comes to flushing items down the toilet. Explain to them that now they’ve lost their toy. This might be a good time to have a conversation about the value of money with an older child. Some children respond better to the idea that they’ll need to clean up the mess associated with the flushing incident. Tailor your conversation in such a way as that it has an impact on your child.

Call a Plumber

Some toys may be impossible for you to remove on your own. This should prompt you to hire a bathroom plumber to help to resolve the flushing incident. They generally have the tools necessary to get even the toughest clog resolved. It’s not just the toilet itself that you need to be considered about. The toy may be lodged farther down the sewage system. This could cause other toilets or sinks to get backed up.

Look to Prevention Methods

If your child is a chronic flusher, you need to devise prevention strategies. One option is to turn the water off in the toilet in between flushes. This could cause your child to lose interest in it. Another solution is to install a locking toilet lid. Many of the childproofing solutions are only a temporary fix until your child gets a little older. This may be all that you need in order to get out of this phase of their development.

There will always be those little “oh no” moments when you have kids. Be prepared so that you can handle them in the best way possible.

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