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What to Get Your Friend Who is Expecting

You have recently received the news that your close friend is expecting a baby. Congratulations to them! Now, what do you get them to express your well-wishes for their pregnancy? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Maternity Clothes

Your friend isn’t going to have enough maternity clothes. She’ll also go through them as her belly grows. You can help her by saving her a bit of money and purchasing some maternity clothes. It doesn’t even matter the size. As long as it’s close to her current size, it’ll do. She’ll grow into them.

There are different styles and designs of maternity clothes these days. Grab a few different outfits for her, and she’s sure to love it.

Baby Photos

Another great gift are newborn baby photos. She’s going to be so busy taking care of the new baby that it might be really nice to have someone else give her the chance to photograph her child. According to Silver Bee Photography, a newborn photographer in Austin, Newborn photos are a great gift because they also give the parents a chance to relax while someone else photographs and watches their baby!

Plus, after her baby has grown into a young adult and left the house, she’ll have those photos to look at and reflect on for years. It’s a timeless gift.

Belly Butter

One part of pregnancy that leaves women feeling self-conscious is their stretch marks. While stretch marks are natural and just a part of pregnancy, they can sometimes be helped by keeping the belly moisturized. One of the best ways to do that is with belly butter.

Your friend is going to love you forever if you get her some belly butter. There are various brands to choose from and each has its own scents, too. Not only will your friend appreciate having something that can help reduce the chances of developing stretch marks, but the scent may be calming for her, too.

Pregnancy Journal

While pregnancies last for nine months, they can sometimes go in a flash. Your friend might like to record her thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout her journey. Journaling is a great way to do that. It’s a safe place for her to write about her experience. It’s also something that she can look back on later in life.

This is a gift that can keep on going, too. She might one day choose to hand the journal down to her own daughter or daughter-in-law. Not only will the journal act as a place of refuge, but it can also act as a place of support that spans the generations.

Foot Massager

As any woman knows, pregnancy also brings foot pain. As the baby becomes bigger, your friend is going to be placing a lot of strain on her body. In particular, her feet and lower back are going to be aching. To help her find some comfort, a foot massager could be exactly what she needs.

After a long day at work or just a long day, she can sink into her favorite chair and just enjoy the massager easing the ache in her muscles and bones. This could be a total life-changer.

Baby Monitor

Long gone are days when baby monitors were basically glorified walkie talkies. These days, you can get a baby monitor that also offers night vision cameras. While you don’t necessarily need to splurge on such a gift for your friend, some form of the baby monitor could be a great gift.

Camera monitors can help parents be assured that their baby is safe asleep in their crib. If they hear any sounds, the camera will tell them if their baby is disturbed or just moving in their sleep. This removes the need to get up every few hours in the night to check on the baby.


A lot of parents believe that by playing classical music, they can stimulate their baby’s brain as it grows. A key way to do this is to place headphones against the belly and play the music quietly. That makes headphones an excellent gift for your friend.

At the end of the day, the best gift that you can offer your friend is your support. Otherwise, these gifts can help make her pregnancy run just a bit more smoothly. Give some today.

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