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When You’re Living Like The Brady Bunch: Common Issues Bigger Families Have That Smaller Families Don’t Understand

Growing up in a big family is something extraordinary; you’ll always have someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on, and your best friends are often your own siblings. However, there are some setbacks to growing up in a big family, especially when it comes to comfort and privacy.

Anyone from a big family will be able to relate to these struggles; knowing about them may help you adjust and prepare in advance if your family is about to grow.

Nothing Is Ever Where You Last Saw It

Whether it’s your hairbrush or a baseball bat, things never stay in one place when there are a lot of people in the house. A sibling may want to “borrow” an item for themselves, or one of your parents decides to put your possessions in a completely different spot when they’re tidying up.

Sibling Squabbles Are Constant

If you aren’t bickering with one of your brothers or sisters, you’re playing the mediator. Arguments happen in every family, but those who hail from bigger clans practically fall asleep with the sound of someone’s voice ringing in their ears. You become more adept at communication and conflict resolution, though, and people are often amazed at how level-headed you can be.

The Battle for Hot Water

>With so many people in and out of the bathroom, hot water is a commodity in a big family’s home. An upgrade is all but required, especially if you find that the lack of hot water impacts washing the dishes and doing laundry properly.

A water heater installation service is considered an essential, and anyone with a big family knows that home maintenance is crucial to everyone’s sanity.

You Get Everything Secondhand

Hand-me-downs save money and make sense for big families. Unless you’re the first-born, you can expect to inherit pretty much everything from your siblings. People may ask you where you got something, and you’ll honestly have no idea because everything is vintage to you. Holidays and birthdays are the only times you’ll find yourself getting something brand new.

Making Things Work

Although you may have your differences, a big family is a blessing. Your close-knit crew only expands as you grow up and go on to have kids of your own. You never have to look far for a friend, and there is a special sort of safety in knowing someone is always there for you.

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