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Where the Heart Is: 3 Simple Personal Touches that Make Your House a Home

While looking at immaculate show homes in a luxury magazine might be compelling, very few people would actually be comfortable or happy living in the sterile environment they often present. You can, of course, create a beautiful, warm environment that is still suitable for company and guests, while still adding in your own personal touches to your house that make it truly a home. Here are 3 simple personal touches that make your house a home.


There is perhaps nothing more personal than photos of friends, family and loved ones. By scattering photos of the people you love liberally around your home, you are quite literally surrounding yourself with those you love. Photos don’t have to just be of people, either. Photos can be of places you have visited or locations that carry a special place in your heart. Surround yourself with images that fill you with joy every time you walk through your home.

Chalkboard Paint

Whether you paint an entire wall or just the side of your refrigerator, chalkboard paint can transform almost any plain surface into a ready-made canvas for artwork. Let your kids chalk a new masterpiece every day or cover an entire wall with one of your favorite quotes. Painting a wall in the kitchen can also become a great place to write shopping lists, keep a calendar or leave notes for each other.

Personal Mementos

Throughout life, we tend to collect items that have great personal value to us, even if they are not valuable in and of themselves. It could be a piece of art from an obscure artist that we love, a hand-crocheted afghan from a beloved family member or seashells from a particularly memorable vacation. Regardless of style or decor, be sure and sprinkle your personal mementos throughout your home. Like photos, they should help you feel a sense of joy every time you walk through your home.

Making a house a home is about filling your space with items that give you a sense of comfort or fill you with fondness for the people or memories they represent. When it comes time to sell your home, of course, you may want to actually delete all the personal touches you added to make your house into your own personal oasis. When that time comes, a good realty group can help you create a blank canvas for someone else to envision themselves imprinting their own personal style upon.

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