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Why Boys Need Balanced Hormones for Optimal Health

Everyone wants to grow up healthy. To do this, you need to eat the right diet, exercise and avoid dangerous temptations like drugs and alcohol. However, sometimes boys still have problems. Quite often, this isn’t due to their own actions. Instead, it’s a biological problem related to hormones. A hormone imbalance can have significant consequences for young males. Below are just some of the reasons why boys need balanced hormones for optimal health.

Healthy Growth and Development

When you are young, you obviously do most of your growing. This development from a child to an adult is spurred on by a constant influx of hormones within the body. If these hormones are not released into the blood stream in the correct amounts, a young boy’s development and growth towards adulthood could be interrupted. It can lead to significant health issues later in life.

Male Characteristics and Sexual Dysfunction

One of the possible symptoms of a hormonal imbalance in boys is sexual dysfunction. In fact, it may even result in male characteristics not developing correctly at all during puberty for a growing boy. Often, this may be the result of low testosterone levels. Low T replacement therapy may be required to correct the imbalance so physical and sexual development occurs correctly. Discuss the possibility with your doctor.

Serious Health Problems Later in Life

There are also other significant risk factors for boys that grow up with hormonal imbalances. It can lead to serious health problems later in life. The damage done to joints and bones can lead to osteoporosis. The damage done to the organs can lead to serious heart disease. It can also put you at greater risk of developing diabetes. Overall, there are extreme health risks for boys that can develop without the proper hormonal balance in the body.

Mental and Cognitive Issues

The improper mix of hormones in a boy’s body can also result in serious mental and cognitive issues. It can result in a feeling of “mental fog” that can make it hard to concentrate, study or excel in school. It can also lead to developing serious mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety can both be very difficult to deal with for a young person and may result in self destructive behavior like illegal drug use or even suicide.

Overall, a hormonal imbalance can be extremely destructive for a boy’s health. It can impede physical and sexual development. It can lead to serious health problems later in life. It can affect performance in school. It can lead to serious depression. If you or your child has the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, certainly tell a doctor.

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