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Why Corporate Sustainability Policy Makes a Difference

With global warming, destroyed wild and aquamarine life, and the scarcity of resources becoming more and more pressing issues, there’s been a big push for more environmentally friendly and less wasteful business practices across the world. The problem is obviously that it often costs more money and/or effort to be environmentally savvy, and that goes against the notion of the “bottom line.”

You as a business owner in your community have the opportunity to focus your efforts on the world around you, on small and large scales. Here are some ways you can give back to the world around you just by staying conscious and aware:

Sustainable Operations

While it may not be on a larger widespread corporate level, many supply chain managers on a smaller level are switching to more sustainable operations in general. The word “sustainable” here means reusable and energy-efficient means of operation.

Some ways you can do this are by enlisting the use of LED lighting, power strips, programmable thermostats, and using recyclable and waste-reducing materials and methods to manufacture your products and assets at work are all ways to make your operations sustainable. It never hurts to turn things off when you’re not using them either.

Community Involvement

Your efforts may help in house, but a community can make a huge difference. One of the best things you can do as a business and member of your community is bringing other businesses and individuals into the fold. There’s a good chance you’ll be stronger together than on your own.

You can do this in a number of different ways. Making donations to eco-conscious charities and efforts, putting together programs that work toward recycling and waste management, and offering your services to non-profit organizations working toward the same goals are all practical, smart, and fairly accessible ways to make a difference.

A Smarter Budget

Practicing the ethics of sustainability beg the mindset of focusing on needs rather than wants and being conservative with your resources. You’ll notice this in your personal life especially, but it will spill over into the finance sector of your business undoubtedly. Rather than spending your business budget on services and resources that are conveniences, a sustainability mindset says “less is more.” Use what you have until you can’t use it anymore. Use it until it doesn’t get the job done.

If you’re not spending as much money, you’re most likely not using as many resources. The word “smarter budget” means that it not only saves you money, but it can make you the same amount of money if not more. A smarter budget gives you only so much room — and you can use that to your advantage to where you choose resources that last you longer and are more eco-friendly. In doing so, you’ll probably develop more eco-friendly products as well. That’s what it means to make a “smart budget,” and that’s absolutely what it means to be sustainable.

How do you operate sustainably in your business? Let us know in the comments below.


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