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Why Does My Toddler Keep Getting Sick?

As soon as children’s bodies stop receiving the immunities from the mother’s body, they become vulnerable to a variety of bacteria and viruses that can make them sick. From the age of six months onward, it may seem like your child picks up every germ that floats by. As the months and years pass, children gradually develop more antibodies to fight these illnesses. If your toddler seems to get sick frequently, you may consider these common factors in childhood illness.

High Exposure to Bacteria and Viruses

Toddlers in daycare are exposed to a variety of pathogens on a daily basis. Young children easily pick up bacteria and viruses from toys, surfaces and child-to-child contact. Although you can’t prevent children’s exposure to all of these bacteria, you can take a few steps to minimize exposure. Ask your daycare provider if toys are washed regularly with soap and water, and whether tabletops and other surfaces are cleaned regularly. Wash your toddler’s hands frequently and have caregivers wash them when they are at daycare.

Poor Immune System Function

Some toddlers never seem to get sick, while others seem to have a runny nose at all times. The reason for this difference often lies in genetics. However, you can boost your child’s ability to resist disease by making sure he or she eats a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods have natural components that help to improve immune system function to fight off illnesses. If your child is a picky eater and won’t touch these healthy options, ask your pediatrician about a vitamin supplement that may help to fill the nutritional gaps.

Poor Air Quality

The air quality in your home can also lead to more frequent illnesses in your toddler. During the winter months, indoor air can become very dry, which leads to dryness in the nasal passages. Cold and flu viruses can then get easy access into the body. In addition, a clogged filter on your HVAC system can prevent the removal of contaminants and dust from the air, which can irritate sensitive mucus membranes. This problem can lead to more frequent colds. A local furnace repair contractor like HomeSmart from Xcel Energy can provide whole-house humidifiers that will help to keep indoor air moist and clean and can ensure your HVAC filtering system is functioning properly.

Frequent colds, ear infections and tummy troubles can be a frustrating problem for the mothers of toddlers. However, moms can take comfort in knowing that most of these illnesses are minor and fleeting. If you want to take a more active part in preventing illness in your child, implement these tips. Although you may not be able to eliminate all illnesses, you will have a good chance to reduce the frequency of these problems.

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