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Why Printing Your Family Photos Is Important

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With the introduction of digital albums, many people decided that printing family photos are no longer important, but nothing could be further from the truth. The following are a few reasons to consider printing your family photos whenever possible.

Printing Highlights the Importance

In a time when most people would rather share photos through emails, you are choosing to develop your pictures the old fashion way. You are choosing to take your family photos to a reliable film developing company, even though it might be a little inconvenient. That tells everyone else that these pictures are special.

They are worth the extra effort, and that means people are going to cherish them even more. Pictures that are shared online aren’t as special since a person only has to snap a picture and send it. While it is great to have this choice, a family picture deserves a little more work on your part, and everyone in your family is going to appreciate it.

Prints Act as a Good Backup

Chances are you are going to keep your family pictures on your phone even after you print them. The good thing is you now have these pictures in two places, and that means they’re safer.

Photos can be deleted accidentally from a phone or any other smart device. If you lose your device or your device malfunctions, your photos could be gone. It would be a shame if you lost your pictures when all you had to do was print them out, at least the ones you think are most important.

Getting Across the Digital Divide

The next thing you have to worry about is the digital divide, which is very real. A huge chunk of Americans don’t use the internet. Some of these folks are older, but that is not always the case. There is a good amount of people in rural communities around the United States that don’t have access to the internet.

These people are living in internet deserts, and sharing family pictures with people in these areas is nearly impossible. Maybe someday large internet companies or the government will address internet deserts, but that hasn’t happened yet. You get to solve the digital divide if you print out a few family pictures. You can send through the mail or deliver yourself if you are close enough.

Access is a Real Thing to Worry About

Most people think having photos on their phone or computer gives them easy access to photographs. Yes, you can always get to your pictures, but after taking hundreds of pictures, it’s going to be hard to find the family pictures later on.

It might start to feel like a chore to go through your pictures to find those few special ones. Everyone has portable cameras in their pockets, making it easy to take a lot of pictures, which can get overwhelming at some point. You want to print out a few that you can easily see around your home.

Printing Creates Something Tangible

Some people may not think it’s a big deal, but having something tangible is important. Photos on the phone aren’t really tangible. It’s something you can only see on your phone. If you take the step of printing out these family pictures, then you are giving yourself and family something they can touch.

Seeing and touching something creates a different experience, which can be cherished. A tangible photograph can be passed down as well. If the photograph is special enough, you can have someone custom frame the portrait. This shows everyone how special this picture really is, which is something you can’t do if you don’t print it out.

Conversation Starters

Having family photos in the home is a good idea because it can help get conversations going. Whenever you have family or friends over, you could talk about your family, thanks to that print.

Sure, you can always pull out your phone, but you probably don’t want to make your guests wait as you scroll through your pictures to find the one you want them to see. You might also have a few candid pictures you prefer to keep private.

These are some reasons why printing a family picture is pretty important. Be sure to have the pictures printed by a professional to give it the glamour your pictures deserves.

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