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Why the Perfect Career for Military Veterans is in Criminal Justice

You served your country and defended the ideals and way of life we enjoy. Serving your country is part of who you are. You answered the call, and that makes you a rare person. When your military service ends, there are still opportunities to serve your country. The criminal justice field offers that opportunity.

Your MOS and Criminal Justice

You don’t need an MOS in Military Police or JAG to enjoy a career in the criminal justice field. All MOS designations from Alpha to Zulu have prepared you for this career field. You are a soldier first and your specialty is second. The skills you possesses along with the dedication required of a soldier is something employers seek in candidates. Every facet of the criminal justice field needs the skills you have. Your specialty training is a bonus for employers because it offers a picture of what your military life looked like.

Your specialty as a cook in the military meant getting up every day at 3:00 am to prepare a proper meal. You were integral in supporting the mission. As a supply sergeant you made sure they were ready for the mission. As a platoon sergeant you prepared, inspected, and led. You knew they were at their best every day because it was your mission to. It took a team of specialties to complete the mission and each individual to carry it out. These are the qualities employers want.

Employment Opportunities in Criminal Justice

There are over 30 distinct careers available in criminal justice. You could be a US postal inspector, crime scene or blood splatter analyst, probation officer or a homicide detective, to name a few. With so many options you will find the perfect fit.

How to Begin Your New Career

The first step to a career in criminal justice is getting your master’s degree in criminal justice. Your GI Bill or Chapter 31 benefits can be used to pursue a master’s degree. The next step is the application process. When you fill out your application, you will see there is a military preference option. This option gives you an advantage over civilians and is in recognition of your service.

You can enjoy the camaraderie you once shared in the service again because many veterans choose a career in criminal justice. Veterans choose this field because it uses your skill sets and experiences. It also is a way to serve your country once again.

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