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Why You Should Keep Trying New Things In Retirement

Life was never meant to be boring at any stage. So why do so many retirees struggle today to enjoy the time of life when we’re supposed to be thriving and celebrating all our accomplishments after we clipped the apron strings to kids and business? There are ways to throw off the self-imposed restraints. 

Social Benefits

Remember talking to “that friend” on the phone and feeling frustrated when the conversation ends because you never got a word in edge-wise? Do not be that person. There’s no reason to live in an isolated situation where your only interaction with people is on the phone or online. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance, sign up for a class. Not only will you achieve your lifelong goal, but you could meet some other newbie dancers that you enjoy spending time with. Do you miss having a reason to get up in the morning? Apply for a part-time job or service work for a new hobby. You’ll be able to earn a little play money or help others while interacting with people outside of your normal circle. 

Health Benefits

Opening your windows does not equate to taking in fresh air. If you’re not motivated to stay in shape or lose that extra weight on your own, sign up for an exercise class at the local Y or church. Your body will thank you as it no longer struggles to bend down to your toes. Walking through a local park on your own is refreshing, but may not be the safest option. Why not join a hiking club that explores local areas within your ability to tackle? You may discover a new favorite spot that’s been right under your nose for decades. You’ll also burn some calories and strengthen some muscles. You can also find St. George retirement communities that offer fitness centers and pools to stay active. No matter the workout you do, staying active can do great things for your health. 

Mind Matters

Do you find yourself staring at an open cabinet and wondering what you were going there for? While everybody has those lapses on occasion, the use it or lose it concept does come into effect. Watching shows on TV may be distracting, but it isn’t stretching your mind. Did you start a degree when you were younger, but life circumstances prevented you from finishing? What’s stopping you now? Sign up for a class at a local college and find out what it would take to achieve that goal. Even if you never wanted to go to college, there are probably things you’d love to learn more about like computers or flower arranging. Anyone can sign up, and you could learn an interesting new skill. 

Personal Satisfaction

Learning and growing are things we begin as babies and should never stop doing. There’s always room at any stage of life for additional challenge and joy. First find out what you are most interested in. Have you ridden horses all your life, but have no one to ride with anymore? Why not volunteer at a local equine therapy site? You’d be using your skills to help others and have the chance to interact with other horse people. Whatever your interests are, from reading to baking, someone else would appreciate you sharing your knowledge and skills. What about your bucket list? Take the time to brainstorm every crazy idea you ever had for things you’d like to do. Compare your list with your financial reality and start picking one at a time to actually do.

The only person responsible for whether or not your life is fulfilling and interesting is you. Pick one area from the above list to focus on first. Trying new things in retirement has many benefits.


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