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Why You Should Rent (Not Buy) The First Year of Marriage

There are several reasons why a couple should rent and not buy in their first year of marriage. Renting an apartment can be a lot less expensive. When a couple owes their own home, if anything breaks, it is going to come out of the couple’s own pocket. But when you rent an apartment, the landlord will be responsible for fixing all of these things. Most of the time, when a couple is just getting married, they are only going to be able to afford to buy an older home. The older home is going to be the couple at risk for a lot of costly repairs. You will also have to pay property taxes on the home.

Flexibility to Move

Renting is going to give you a lot more flexibility to move. Moving from an apartment is a simple process but a house is going to cost you more to move and will take up for time. If you do not like the area that you are living in or someone gets a job transfer, when you own a home, you will not just be able to move quickly. Most of the time, you are going to need to sell the home before you move. This means that you will need a listing agent, wait on offers, and hope that all of the financing goes through. But with the apartment, you just have to give a 60-day notice.

Future Needs

A house that you buy might not fit all of the needs for your future. Most of the time, a starter home is not going to be big enough for a growing family. This means that you are going to be stressed out about space and will regret the decision to buy the home. If you are planning on starting a family soon, then renting will allow you to save money and you will have time to plan for the future. Therefore, you will be able to have the money to buy the home that you need in a few years to fit all of the needs of your future and the family that you plan to have.

Less Stress

It can be a very stressful time when you are trying to buy a home. This can even more stress to the marriage because adjusting to marriage life can already be stressful enough. This is because you are going to be doing a lot of learning about yourself and your spouse once you are actually living together. It can be very demanding to figure out and combine all of the finances together when you first get married. Therefore, you are not going to want to have to deal with all of the financial and legal aspects of buying your first home within the first year of your marriage. Instead use this money for a nice honeymoon or vacation.

Nest Egg

You will be able to save for your nest egg. Most of the time, it is recommended that when you are buying a home to put down twenty percent of the purchase of the home. If you have already saved up this amount of money, you are still not going to want to spend it quickly. One idea is to put the money into an account that is going to accrue interest so that you are going to be even more prepared to buy the home of your dreams in a few years. This is something that every couple wants.

These are just some of the reasons why renting is easier than buying a home when you first get married and starting your life as a couple.


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