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Winter Family Fun: 5 Hot Items to Add to Your Home

Remodeling or improving a home during the winter is an ideal time for a housing makeover. Winter arrives with the holidays and guests show up to visit. The cold months are a perfect time to bring remodeling and addition dreams to life. The good news is that this does not have to be a hassle of a project, but rather, it can be fun, family-oriented, and result in breathtaking new home features.

Plan for the Holidays with Updated Kitchen Cabinets

When homeowners prepare for a remodel or addition to a home during the winter, plan with the holidays in mind. Having major projects completed by the time the primary holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, roll around will be beneficial. Beginning the list with a kitchen cabinet makeover is a must-have for individuals with dated cabinets that have some non-functional pieces. When preparing in advance, and scouting online sales to find the best deals, an ordinary home can be transformed into a luxurious, comfortable and updated abode.

Include a Hot Tub

Adding a hot tub to your home will give you year-round relaxation, but this item will significantly add fun and excitement to an otherwise dreary winter. Most energy efficient hot tubs can be small and intimate for couples, or they can be large and luxurious for families or guests to enjoy. Hot tubs should be at the top of a luxury home addition because they contribute to de-stressing techniques, they ease muscle pain and soreness, and they are something that everyone enjoys. For the person who works hard all day long to the pregnant mother, to the individual who is active in sports, each one will appreciate a relaxing time in a new family hot tub.

Upgrade Primary Lighting Features

New home lighting features can be inexpensive and fun. Homeowners can choose from adding a hot new skylight over an open living room, or a partial glass wall in a reading room can bring an area to life. Other lighting makeover options include shabby chic chandeliers which are perfect for a cozy and sophisticated appeal, or a rustic cabin lamp that is perfect for a lodge-type home that has warm wooden furniture and stone fireplaces to welcome guests.

Incorporate a Pergola

A pergola may sound like a summer item to add to a new home, but this beautiful outdoor feature can be perfect near a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen. Consider adding one piece at a time to create an exterior living space. Bundling up in flannel blankets and watching the stars under a romantic pergola may be the best moment of the year. If a hot tub is included, the pergola will be the perfect accompaniment. To discover the best design tips for pergolas, check out the helpful information provided by HGTV.

Antique Doors Bring It All Together

Perhaps the most beautiful welcome to any home is an antique door that boasts character, quality, and history. Available in nearly any shade with replicas being offered online at discounted prices, these antique doors make a sizzling item to any home. Italian vintage doors and rustic French doors, along with castle doors provide for diverse options for homeowners to consider. An antique door makes a statement that sets the tone for the rest of a person’s home, and it is something guests will long remember.

Upgrading a house during the winter is a fun and remarkable project. New ideas and inspirations will surface throughout the planning and proceeding stages. Be sure to keep a pen and notebook handy to write down new thoughts to improve a home, and these thoughts can soon be brought to life. Transforming a home into the perfect retreat is a life-long, fun process, and each moment can be enjoyed along the way.

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