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Winter Weather: How to Preserve Your Home This Year

Winter is by far the fiercest of our seasons. Tumbling temperatures, icy precipitation, and fluctuating sunlight can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Don’t let the ferocity of winter create undue damage to your home this year. Before the weather turns, take a few steps to protect your humble abode.

Ventilate Your Attic
It’s important to keep the temperature of your attic similar to outside temperatures to reduce the possibility of ice dams forming. When an attic is warm, it forces the snow on the roof to melt, which then immediately refreezes at the edge of the roof. If ice builds up, then it can block proper drainage off the roof, and force it back inside the attic or down the walls of your home. Go through the attic and insulation to be sure it won’t be causing hot patches.

Replace That Cheap Pet Door
Your doggie door might let your dog come and go as he pleases, but that door is also letting a lot of warm air escape your home whether or not your pooch is scurrying through it. If getting rid of the door isn’t a viable option, consider replacing it with an electronic door. Your dog(s) wear a collar with a “key” to trigger the door to open as they approach. The electronic door keeps a tight seal to ward off cold and keep your warm air securely inside your house. This is a great investment and saves you money in the heating department.

Reinsulate Your Windows
If installing new storm windows isn’t in the budget this winter, take additional measures to insulate your windows, and prevent cold air from seeping into your house. There are special types of plastic that you can seal over the inner sides of your windows and seal the heat in. Consider recaulking windows if they are still mostly energy efficient, but just need a bit of maintenance.

Ensure Your Roof’s Strength
When you live in a region that gets copious amounts of snow, you’ve probably seen houses and barns collapse from the weight on the roof. You’ll want to hire a professional to inspect your roof and make sure the weight bearing capacity of the roof is up to par in areas where snow has gathered historically. Metal roofing is particularly susceptible to buckling if the purlins haven’t been braced properly since 1996. Metal Roof Outlet Inc recommends stone coated or steel roofing for the best protection during the snowy months.

Keep a “Care” Kit for Your House
Having the items you need in case of extreme cold or snow is important in preventing thousands of dollars in damages. Keep wheelbarrows and shovels handy to remove heavy loads of snow from the tops of structures as quickly as possible. Fire extinguishers are also good to have on hand throughout your house and other outbuildings as winter is notorious for an increase in fires. Have salt available at all times to keep your driveways and sidewalks clear, and to prevent injury.

Winter doesn’t have to more miserable than the other seasons. With proper maintenance, you’ll have a home that can keep you safe and warm all winter long with little to no repercussions from severe cold and snow.

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