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With Summer Here, Use These 4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Heat Exhaustion

When the temperatures begin to warm up, then it is important to keep children cool. Heat exhaustion can be deadly killing over 500 people in the United States annually. Follow these tips to make sure that your children do not experience heat exhaustion during the summer.

Drink Water

Kids need to drink at least one liter of water each day if they are between five and eight years old. That amount should double by the time they are 13. If you find it hard to get your children to drink water, then consider creating water-flavored drinks at home. Think about adding lime and raspberries to a jar of water and ice. Alternatively, your children may love the taste of pineapple and mint with just a touch of honey for sweetness.

Plan Outside Play Time

It is important for children to get outside and play in the summer. Encourage them to run, jump, bike and hike in the morning when temperatures are usually cooler. Then, either plan water activities or inside activities during the afternoon. Send them back outside as temperatures start to cool in the evening if they want. Regardless of the time of day, encourage frequent breaks to hydrate and rest in the shade.

Dress Appropriately

Make sure that your children are dressed for hot weather. Clothes made from natural fabrics usually help people stay cooler than those made with manmade fabrics. Loose-fitting clothes are usually cooler than tight-fitting ones. Consider clothes that are white or another light color as they reflect the sun’s rays while darker colors absorb them. Children should wear a hat with a wide brim to help keep the sun’s rays from hitting them.

Get Air Conditioning

Your entire family will love air conditioning when temperatures reach their summer highs. Be sure that yours is working properly before summer temperatures arrive with an air conditioning checkup. If yours has seen its better days, then get an air conditioner replacement as soon as possible. Keeping the inside temperatures comfortable may mean that everyone stays on an even keel throughout the warm summertime.

Using these ideas and your own ingenuity will ensure that your children stay cool on the hottest days this summer. Then, you cannot worry about them getting exhausted from the heat. Once a child has problems one time with the heat, then they may continue to have problems with hot temperatures throughout their lives.

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