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Working Parent? How to Show Your Kids You’re There for Them Even on the Job

89.7 percent of families with children have at least one working parent, so you’re not alone in your struggle to balance your kids and your career. If you want to make the task a little easier, however, here are a few ways to show love and affection to your children despite your work schedule.

Carry a Memento

From teddy bears to baby blankets, children understand the importance of treasured objects. Let them create or choose a memento that will represent the bond shared by the two of you. For example, they might put together a picture collage of themselves and stick it in an opti frame with back support that you can set on your desk at work. You could even turn it into an annual project with a new collage being made every school year.

Delight Them with Little Surprises

This is a great way to show your kids that you’re always thinking of them. It’s easy to plan, too. Just tell the babysitter that you’ll be calling from work around 6PM, or ask your child’s teacher if you can drop by the playground one day during an extended lunch break. You can also send them happy text messages or include goofy post-in notes in their lunchbox. With a little effort the night before, you can really brighten your child’s smile in the light of day.

Bring Back Souvenirs

They don’t have to be literal vacation souvenirs. There probably aren’t a lot of lei shops in your corporate office, after all. That said, you can still bring home little trinkets and tokens of your affection to let your child know that you were thinking about them even while you were at work. For example, you might save a cool pen for a child who collects them, or you might swing by a fast food joint to bring home a milkshake for your chocolate lover.

Share Stories of Their Day

Not only will this activity serve as quality bonding time with your children, but it will also keep you appraised of everything going on in their lives. You won’t have to learn secondhand that they’ve made a new friend or bombed a math test. You’ll get the news straight from the horse’s mouth, and what’s more, you’ll be there to laugh, cry, gasp, ask questions and offer advice.

It isn’t easy to raise kids and hold down a job at the same time. With these tips, however, you might just be able to give yourself a little more peace of mind. Your children will appreciate the effort, too.

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